Why Are You Embarrassed By PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome, commonly abbreviated as PMS, is a medically recognized condition with a wide array of symptoms. These symptoms range from marked increases in fatigue to sudden and virtually uncontrollable flashes of anger. Moods may change as quickly as situations that elicit them and these are simply the emotional side effects.

On the physical side there is the bloating that makes it hard for women to fit into their regular wardrobe. Joints and muscles hurt in a way that is reminiscent of an oncoming cold or flu. Virtually anyone is familiar with abdominal cramping, but in some cases the cramps get to be so severe that they almost resemble the onset of labor pains.

Surprisingly, women are embarrassed by PMS, and rarely bring it up with their physicians. Even in their homes, with friends and family or loved ones, they do not discuss their struggle with premenstrual syndrome and even though it is a common condition, they feel they must suffer in silence and maybe just pop a few pills to overcome the symptoms and hope for the best.

Obviously, there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to PMS. It is a natural bodily response to a changing hormonal environment in the body. This change hits about a week prior to the onset of menstruation, and if statistics may be believed, 10% of women who experience some form of premenstrual symptoms actually do struggle with PMS

There are several pain medicines which are sold as being the answer for those women who are having a hard time dealing with PMS. They claim to overcome the pains and aches, and they also help some with the bloating. Yet an even cursory review of the listed side effects reveals that there are a good many of these over the counter remedies that have the potential for causing even worse harm.

While some may offer respite from the joint pains, they may acerbate bloating; another offers and end to bloating, but may acerbate migraines in those predisposed to suffering from them. Still other over the counter drugs may adversely affect liver functions. Since women are frequently embarrassed by PMS, potential solutions are not routinely discussed with physicians.

This is worsened by the fact that the embarrassment is fueled by those who are unschooled in the facts surrounding PMS and thus use the condition as a butt for their jokes. As these jokes circulate, they make it even harder for a woman who is already embarrassed by her PMS to seek help from her friends or family members.

The same holds true for those who believe themselves to be strong enough to withstand the laughs and the jokes it is surprising to learn that family members sometimes do not know that their daughter, wife, or sister is suffering from PMS. These women may discuss the condition with outsiders but not those who are the closest to them and who could help out the most.

Are you embarrassed by PMS? Overcome the embarrassment today by education yourself and others on PMS.

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