What is Female Impotence?

Female impotence often rolls in both problems with libido, describing desire for sex, and impotence which truly is the inability to reach orgasm. Some of the reasons behind the lack of discussion about female impotence relates to social attitudes towards sex and the vast array of myths that continue to abound. Researchers have found both physical and psychological causes for women who lack a healthy sex life by their own admission. Women who suffer from this condition find that their attempts to find joy in sacks can be disappointing and sometimes painful.

The vast majority of research and options for treatment available address the problems of male impotence. This may be because male impotence results in infertility while female impotence does not. In male impotence or erectile dysfunction the end result is the inability to ejaculate and thus release sperm to fertilize an egg. The woman’s part in fertility is much more passive and doesn’t require an active role.

According to a study done at the University of Chicago one in three women have a significant lack of interest in sex. This means that millions of women are suffering in silence with a devastating effect on relationships and marriage. These issues have only recently been addressed in the medical community and have been found to be just as treatable.

One of the social norms in prior generations was that a woman had sex to please her mate and to make babies but not for her own satisfaction. If she didn’t like having sex that was okay because she wasn’t expected to. Even today that belief continues to be held in many different cultures and subcultures. In some cultures women are even castrated in order to negate any satisfaction in sexual intercourse so they will not be tempted to have an affair.

Despite a gradual change in attitude in Western cultures there continue to be both physical and psychological barriers preventing women from enjoying a strong sexual experience. Some women lose their self-confidence when it may have to take their clothes off in front of someone else. It renders them completely incapable of enjoying the sexual experience because of their lack of self-confidence in their own bodies. Both men and women have sex when they feel good about themselves and the person they are with. This inability to perform relates back specifically to a woman’s lack of self-confidence in her own body.

Another cause of female impotence is performance anxiety. In today’s world where women are competing with men and corporate climate they continue to be so analytical that even in the throes of passion they are wondering if they’re doing it right. Without losing themselves in the moments they may be unable to attain orgasm.

One factor in female impotence is physical or emotional abuse during childhood. Women who have been raped or who were under extreme pressure to have sex as teenagers or who were abused by a man in their lives as a child can turn a woman off to having sex as an adult.

Female impotence can put a strain on a marital relationship, especially if her partner thinks he isn’t doing his job. Men involved in a relationship with a woman who never reaches orgasm feels like it’s their fault and they take it personally. Sometimes women may fear a negative reaction and so choose to lie about the experience than making suggestions. Over time this only results in frustration and sex becomes a source of anger and hatred.

There are other physical factors which are involved in female impotence including pain experienced during sex or underdeveloped sexual organs that result in either extreme sensitivity or no physical response at all. Injuries to the vaginal area and also dull sensation. For years women who lost the ability to you orgasm after menopause simply accepted it as part of the change of life. The drop in hormones associated with menopause is linked to a decline in libido and painful intercourse.

Just as with male impotence certain types of surgeries or injuries can also impacts the arterial and nerve supply. Sometimes the removal of the cervix with a hysterectomy can decrease sexual pleasure for woman.

No matter what the cause there are significant treatments available to women to improve their sexual experience and enhance their lives. It is not necessary to continue to live with out this important piece of a relationship.

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