The More Than 150 Symptoms of PMS

Doctors and researchers have documented that there are more than 150 Symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Some of the symptoms are changes in anxiety or mood and others are changes in attention, while still other symptoms are physical in nature.

The symptoms that are changes in anxiety or mood include anger, anxiety, irritability, increased emotional reactivity, changes in sexual desire, depression, and an exacerbation of any existing psychiatric conditions the woman may have.

Changes in attention symptoms of PMS include confusion, difficulty staying on task, forgetfulness, and being prone to accidents.

Symptoms that are changes in physical aspects of the woman include that her breasts may become more tender, she feels bloated in her abdominal region, her arms or legs may swell, she may experience headaches or migraines, she may have back pain, muscle or joint pain, she may have difficulty sleeping (staying asleep or getting to sleep), she may have changes in her energy level such as feeling fatigued, and she may experience nausea.

Her PMS symptoms may be affected by lifestyle changes such as drinking alcohol may increase her experiences with depression during the two weeks before her menstrual flow. If she starts to exercise more and eat a healthier diet she may experience a decrease in the severity of her symptoms or she may not have as many symptoms. A woman who gains more knowledge about PMS may make lifestyle changes such as avoiding caffeine, avoiding alcohol, exercising more and eating a healthier diet all of which will be effective treatments for her PMS symptoms.

A woman who receives social support may also notice that her symptoms are minimized especially if she receives help with household tasks on the days when her fatigue sets in.

A woman who decides to invest in vitamin and mineral supplements especially calcium and magnesium will soon discover that she can have a positive impact on her PMS symptoms.

The woman who takes notice of her symptoms and seeks medical advice, improves her diet, exercises on a regular basis, and makes lifestyle changes to improve her PMS symptoms will be happier and more comfortable during the two weeks before her period is due to occur. Noticing the pattern of symptoms and associating it with her menstruation can benefit her because instead of suffering she will be able to get help and receive treatment for her symptoms.

Because there are more than 150 symptoms of PMS it can be difficult for a doctor to make the diagnosis of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) but a woman needs to persevere and keep trying to get that diagnosis so that a treatment plan can be devised and she can receive some much needed relief from her PMS symptoms.

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