Take the Swing Out Of Menopausal Mood Swings with Alternative Medicine

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Women unhappy about the prospect of undergoing hormone replacement therapy for menopause are looking to alternative medicine for help. This is a move that should not be surprising to anyone, considering that the symptoms of menopause could tempt a saint to drink.

There are the persistent hot flashes and then the icky night sweats that make it hard to tell if she is cold or hot or somewhere in between. Moreover, these constant temperature changes are not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

Adding insult to injury are the menopausal mood swings that go high and low for no apparent reason. Bloating of the extremities rounds out this rather painful and uncomfortable picture and weight seems to pile on around the gut and also the hips.

Since this is the kind of condition that virtually any woman can look forward to, it is not surprising that physicians have come up with ideas of how to counteract these symptoms. Unfortunately, hormone replacement therapy is often discussed, but since there is a wide array of risky side effects, it is not the solution many women are looking for.

Add to this the increased risk of breast cancer that is associated with this therapy, and the spike in risk for heart attacks and also strokes, and there is little doubt that women are looking for a healthier, just as effective means of making it through the worst of the condition.

Alternative medicine has come up with some ideas of how to help women thusly affected, but it might not take the form that they usually anticipate. Rather than taking a few dietary supplements, many an alternative healer suggests a colon cleanse to rid the body of toxins and reestablish a balance and an increase in the metabolism of vitamins and minerals in the gastrointestinal tract.

A colon-cleanse starts with the obvious shedding of fecal remnants that have become compacted for lack of moisture. Since the gut is instrumental in extracting liquids from feces – and with it the nutrients – it stands to reason that compacted fecal matter remains behind.

As the compacted feces are shed, they take with them any putrefying or fermenting materials, and also bacterial cultures that are living off them. The result is obvious: fewer bacterial toxins are contained in the gut and therefore fewer toxins make it into the bloodstream.

Several of these toxins are associated with the mood swings of menopause, and also the inability to adequately enjoy some of the benefits associated with the ingestion of dietary supplements designed for the relief of the symptoms. Women who endure this regimen notice a marked decrease in their susceptibility to the mood swings that mark the typical bout of menopause.

Alternative medicine stresses the importance of using probiotic products to repopulate the gastrointestinal tract with healthy bacteria that help with the metabolizing of the nutrients. This is now also the time to incorporate healthier food choices and the use of high quality dietary supplements for proper vitamin and minerals intake.

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