What Causes Stress in Women?

Today’s women are bombarded with various specialized needs. What used to be as fundamental as food, clothing, shelter, love and knowledge is gradually becoming a little more sophisticated.

Perhaps it goes with the times and the recognition of women’s capacity to wield a man’s task while still being able to do their roles as a mother, a wife, a lover, or a daughter. Such demands would pressure women to physically and mentally respond either negatively or positively. These overwhelming demands are the usual cause of stress in women.

Nonetheless, stress can either make you or break you. It all depends on how a woman perceives and interprets stressful conditions. For some women, additional workload is nothing but a challenge for them to perform better. Some women, on the other hand, are not quite susceptible to such abrupt changes.

Aside from that, the actual weight of the experience matters a lot if a woman would take the demand positively or negatively. Everyone has her own weak points and the moment these are tapped, stress and fatigue can easily found for itself a way to take its damaging toll on a woman.

Such stressful experiences are uncontrollable. What you can manage is how these circumstances are perceived so that they will not adversely affect your everyday lives. Stress can be productive if you let the causes of stress alert and motivate you to perform well. If you manage to take stress as a challenge, it will inspire you to improve yourself. How else will you learn if not for such trying situations that force you to do your best?

If you get to see stress as something inevitable especially to women who are flexible and versatile enough to multi-task, you might realize that sometimes, you have to be grateful that things like these come your way. Women are capable of doing almost anything humanly possible all at the same time.

If doing multiple activities at once won’t cause you any stress, then you probably are Wonder Woman. But hey, thing is, Wonderwoman is also prone to stress—the only difference is that she knows how to handle it. Moving to a new house, getting married, taking an entrance exam or going to a job interview, failing—all these spells “living your life,” and during these pressing times, there is no other way to go but up. Lurk down there and you will find yourself too strained to gather yourself back. And there comes the dangers of stress in women.

Long periods of stress would cause women to become irritable, irate, and too emotional to the point that they can no longer do their everyday tasks. Worse comes to worst, such negative stress would cause them physical illness and depression.

Sometimes, these lead to inappropriate coping behaviors such as drinking too much alcohol, overeating, chain smoking, taking illegal drugs or improper dosages of prescribed medications. Sometimes, negative coping behaviors happen within your body without your knowledge of it.

That is why whenever a friend is experiencing an ordeal, significant changes in terms of physique and health conditions begin to surface. Times like these are usually caused by sudden losses especially death of a loved one. Others that could also lead to negative stress are relationship problems, finances, physical, verbal, or sexual abuse, etc.

To cope with such kind of stress, women need whatever support they can get from family, friends and their significant other. Some cases might even need the professional help of a therapist and this has to be given a great consideration. Negligence of such would lead to further depression and illness, or worse, diseases such as cancer and cardiac arrest.

Women are very social and spiritual. To prevent negative stress, they need to constantly be reassured that they are being supported by those inside their peripherals.

Aside from that, helping other people out during their trying times can also make you feel better about your own life. This would convert the cause of negative stress to something that is beneficial to the self as well as to others.

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