Natural Ways to Treat PMS

Natural Ways to Treat PMSIf you do not wish to encounter side effects from drugs you may be looking for natural ways to treat PMS. Chinese herbs are one way to naturally treat PMS. A recent study shows that Chinese herbs can be very effective in relieving PMS symptoms.

Dong Quai is one of the Chinese herbs being studied in the quest for PMS relief. Clinical tests of Dong Quai prove that a substance in Dong Quai reduces pain, dilates blood vessels, and helps to relax muscles in the uterus, treating cramping and regulating the menstrual cycle.

Some people call Dong Quai the female ginseng. You can take Dong Quai in pill, powder or liquid form. You can consume up to 4 grams of liquid Dong Quai daily. Dong Quai is carried in most health foods stores.

Szechuan lovage root, or Chuan Xiong is another herb used to treat PMS. It is effective at regulating the menstrual cycle and can also relieve headaches or migraines. Take up to 10 grams in one dose. Do not take an overdose of this root because it can cause liver hyperactivity and profuse bleeding.

Another Chinese herb is the Red Peony Root and is highly recommended by those who use Chinese herbs. Red Peony Root is also known as Chi Shao Yao and is sour to taste. It is used to induce menstruation. This root naturally helps the body to regulate menstruation. Take only 3 grams of Red Peony a day and it is known to interact with other medications so as always tell your doctor before taking any herbal therapy.

White Peony Root can also be used to relieve PMS symptoms. White Peony root is also called Baishao. You can prepare this root as a tea for the relief of cramping and to reduce emotional symptoms. To treat hot flashes mix it with anything that has calcium in it.

Natural is always better and safer as long as you watch out for reactions with medications so be sure to tell your doctor that you intend to use natural Chinese herbs in the treatment of PMS.

Other natural ways to treat PMS include:

Heating pad for low backaches

Warm bubble bath to relieve tension, stress and anxiety

Walk or exercise to relax and reduce mood swings

Supportive bra to help relieve breast tenderness

Calcium supplements and vitamin supplements (B6, E, C) to reduce depression, bloating from fluid retention and to improve mood.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and salty foods to relieve insomnia, bloating, food cravings, pain, anxiety, tension, and depression

Try to get more sleep (at least 8 hours each night) because rest helps your body heal

Eating smaller portions every 3 hours instead of eating 3 large meals will help reduce bloating and that unpleasant feeling of fullness

Bright light therapy has been shown to reduce the severity of PMS symptoms

Distractions that are pleasant can also take your mind off your PMS symptoms

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