Natural Solution to Overcome Obstacles to Conception

How can Bringforth Life Essence help you?

Sometimes people have problems getting pregnant. While there may be medical reasons for difficulty in conceiving a baby, we know that the emotions can also play a part.

‘Did you know that it is thought that past hurt, ambivalence regarding parenthood, fear and childhood experiences of rejection and poor bonding can all exist in the subconscious mind and can contribute to conception problems and even infertility?’

- Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist.

While there may be a great desire to get pregnant, the subconscious mind may hold the body back. Working on the level of vibrational energy, flower essences can be invaluable in lifting the subconscious obstacles to conception, clearing blockages and opening up emotional pathways to allow the life force through.

What is Bringforth Life Essence?

NaturalEco Bringforth Life Essence is created for women who are struggling to get pregnant or who have had frequent miscarriages. This essence helps to locate the sources of fear in the subconscious, allowing the creative force to blossom.

By lifting deep feelings of abandonment, rejection and fear and releasing negativity, this essence helps to overcome subconscious fears of pregnancy and parenthood and allows the creative force to flow freely.

Use Bringforth Life Flower Essence to:

* Lift subconscious obstacles to getting pregnant.
* Open up emotional blockages that are affecting your fertility.
* Facilitate a healthy conception and pregnancy in those who have suffered miscarriages or struggled to get pregnant.
* Allay deep fears, insecurities and negativity in the soul, allowing the natural procreative force to flow freely.


Bringforth Life Essence contains the following pure and undiluted flower essences in our unique 100% natural formula:

Fig essence allows you to master your deepest fears and to release feelings of shame and guilt. It is the ideal remedy for people who judge themselves too harshly and for those who may be held back by a lack of self-assurance. Fig is specifically useful in addressing subconscious fears surrounding parenthood which can affect the ability to conceive.

Evening Primrose brings inner calm and is used to heal emotional pain. This essence is particularly useful for individuals who experienced rejection or lack of support in childhood as well as those who have difficulties surrounding committed relationships and parenthood. Evening Primrose also aids in alleviation of subconscious sexual repression.

Wild Iris is used for opening up the creative channels and freeing the individual of self-doubt or wariness of their creative potential. This flower essence allows recognition of the beauty inherent in creativity and expression. Many people feel unsure or out of touch with their future and vision. This essence can empower you to change your true vision into reality and to raise feelings of joyful anticipation and deep connection with the universe.

Blushing Bride facilitates development of feminine characteristics such as intuition and gentleness. It can also encourage emotional and physical intimacy and strengthen your connection with your soul and spirituality.

Avocado harmonizes the body and mind by dissolving emotional tension and the negative influence of past pain. This essence is useful in bringing a sense of clarity when feeling overwhelmed with emotion and anxiety. Avocado allows the individual to become more vulnerable to others without fear and facilitates intimacy and healing through touch.

Wisteria has a harmonizing influence on male-female relationships and can help to re-awaken female sexuality in women who may feel ambivalent about physical contact, particularly if there has been past sexual trauma.

Cauliflower has the ability to release subconscious pain. It is of great benefit to those who have themselves experienced trauma during or shortly after the birth process and who consequently see the world as an unsafe place.

(Bringforth Life Essence contains no animal products, gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)

How do I use Bringforth Life Essence?

Bringforth Life Essence comes in a 15 ml liquid infusion of stock strength, hand-bottled flower essences and should be taken either directly under the tongue in a clean mouth or diluted in water.


Take one drop under the tongue or 7 drops in 1/4 cup water 4 to 7 times daily.


‘I married quite late in life to a wonderful man and we both really wanted a child of our own. After more than a year of trying for a baby my doctor suggested fertility treatment but my husband and I couldn’t risk the high chance of a multiple pregnancy as we both had children from previous relationships. We decided to try your Bringforth Life Essence in combination with Native Remedies Fertile XX for a trial period before going ahead with the fertility drugs. I’m really pleased we made that decision because I am now pregnant with a normal and healthy little girl according to the latest ultrasound!’ Helen and Roger, PA

‘Thank you to NaturalEco Organics for your wonderful Bringforth Life Essence! Trying to get pregnant became a hugely stressful issue for both me and my husband due to pressure from our family and friends and the resulting strain nearly ruined our marriage. We lost our desire for sex and it became a functional rather than enjoyable activity. Your Bringforth Life Essence was one of the main factors in helping us to rediscover our previous intimacy. I also got pregnant within several months of “giving up” on the idea of being a mother. I feel like now I have everything I’ve ever wanted from life!’ Judy R.

‘After my miscarriage I was devastated and felt as though I would never have the strength to face pregnancy again for fear of going through the same pain and grief. After a few years later though, my desire to have a child began to occupy all of my thoughts. I knew that I would not be able to face the risk of losing another pregnancy alone and thank goodness my husband was extremely supportive. I also decided to use your Bringforth Life Essence just “in case”. We fell pregnant easily and the next 9 months sailed by. Of course we were on tenterhooks and on the look-out for any warning signs but we are so very thrilled to say we are now very proud parents of a healthy little boy, James Kurt. Please keep making and selling your lovely Flower Essences to all of us who long to be parents :-) ’ M.J.

What else is important?

1. Stress-coping and relaxation techniques such as meditation will allow you to become more in touch with your inner being and your visions of motherhood as well as improving your ability to deflect the stress and chaos of everyday life from affecting the integrity of your dreams and well-being.

2. Avoid all alcohol, cigarette smoke and raw seafood i.e. sushi.

3. Feeding your body adequate quantities of only the freshest, healthiest and varied foods will impart optimum physical and psychological health, preparing you for the joyous and special time of pregnancy.

4. Intimate and regular love-making is not only the single most important factor in conception but also strengthens and affirms the bond of love and commitment between future parents, setting the stage for a stable and loving new family.

5. Once you have gotten pregnant, remember to see your health care practitioner regularly to monitor your own health as well as the development and growth of your baby.

Bringforth Life Flower Essence is manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Bringforth Life Flower Essence is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief risk-free.

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