Learn How to Lessen PMS Symptoms Through Meditation

Meditation Begins at Birth
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That ‘time of the month’ is dreaded by most women in America because it is viewed as a painful and negative experience. This just does not have to be. Other cultures have a very different view on PMS than ours does. Many of them view PMS as a positive experience. You can too by using the power of meditation. Make life easier for you and those who are close to you by trying this meditative exercise.

1. First lay down on the floor flat on your back. Take two small pillows and put one at the small of your back and the other underneath your knees. Lace your fingers tight and place your hands on your lower stomach. Take three deep breaths.

2. Picture a beach at night and you are standing there. The weather is beautiful with clear skies and a gentle breeze is wafting by. Behind you palm trees are gently swaying back and forth making a soft rustling noise. The water is very calm and quiet, and you can feel the waves slowly rolling across your feet. The moon is full and is slowly rising on the horizon casting a bright light along the rippling ocean. Focus on the moon and watch it as it slowly takes it’s path high into the night sky.

3. The moon is beginning to wane. Continue watching it as it slowly disappears. It eventually is nothing more than a sliver of light and barely refelecting across the dark waters. Continue breathing deep. You can smell the salty air as it blows in from the ocean waters. The moon begins to wax again. Gradually, it becomes more full and the ocean once again reflects it’s bright white light. It is once again a full moon. It’s energy is pulling the waves slowly across your feet. You can feel the energy the moon is emitting flowing through your body. Your rhythm is at one with the moon. Your body’s rhythym is now in harmony. Let it be. Do not fight this. Just relax and keep taking deep breaths.

4. Continue breathing this way for ten minutes or longer. You might want to start with ten minutes the first time and work your way up to twenty minutes at some point. After you are finished open your eyes and continue to lay there for another minute or so. Slowly, stand up and feel the wonderful benefits that the lunar meditation has offered to you.

You can do this meditation once a day. I think you will really feel the benefits and perhaps view PMS in a whole new light. The ‘time of the month’ does not have to be such a dreadful experience after all.

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