Taking Control of Menopause

Do you experience hot flashes, abnormal and excessive menstruation, lethargy, bloating or sudden weight gain, palpitation, disrupted sleep, dizziness, headache, low sex appetite, nausea? Are you nearing 40’s? Well, chances are you are experiencing menopausal symptoms.

Menopause, in its most common definition, is the end of the menstrual cycle.  During this stage, the menstrual period stops permanently.  In a more comprehensive definition, menopause is the permanent cessation of a woman’s reproductive system that is usually occurring naturally as part of a woman’s aging progression.

A woman who is in the menopausal stage may experience the following in varying degree:  dropping of the energy level, hot flashes, heart palpitation, mood swings, irritability, depression, insomnia or sleep problems, hair loss, osteoporosis, joint and muscle pain, back pain, frequent urination, vaginal dehydration, lack of focus and at times memory loss.

Although the symptoms and effects of menopause is usually tolerable, there are occasions when a woman has to seek medical attention especially when menopause starts to disrupts one’s normal routine. Usually, a hormone therapy is administered to a woman suffering from menopausal discomfort and stress.

The effectiveness of medical treatment varies from one woman to another.  To the women who do not respond well to this kind of treatment, there is a viable alternative to take control of menopause.  You don’t have to lose your normal routine to menopause, get it back, you can go natural.

Menopause is often caused by and associated with hormonal imbalance.  The hormone progesterone plays an important part as it balances another hormone estrogen.  A deficiency in one, particularly progesterone, results to hormonal imbalance.

For a woman who has missed her ovulation or who ceased to menstruate, a natural supplement of progesterone may be necessary.  There are several natural supplements available- some in the form of cream while others in the form of capsules.  They will address the issues on hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body.  They also have the capability to address other symptomatic issues like depression and have beneficial cosmetic side effects.

These are the other natural things that you can do to relieve you from the menopausal symptoms:

1.    Include protein enriched foods in your diet such as fruits and vegetables, organic meat, organic poultry, cold water fish.  This will not only help in correcting hormonal deficiency but will allow you to live a longer life.

2.    Exercise.  This should go hand in hand with the right nutritional diet, and shall make your bones stronger.  You will also find that a combination of exercise and right diet will make you sleep better, feel better, and look younger.

3.    Live a happy life.  Avoid stress as much as you can.  Stress has the capability to restrain progesterone in the body.  This can weaken your immune system due to loss of vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body.

Menopause doesn’t have to take over your life.  You have to rule over menopause.  Go natural, and see for yourself how it will be able to let you enjoy life.

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