Understanding Hangovers and the Natural Remedies That can Cure Them

Understanding Hangovers and the Natural Remedies That can Cure ThemIf you have ever had a hangover you know that relief it uppermost in your mind. 75% or more of those who drink alcoholic beverages experience hangover symptoms the next morning.

Typical symptoms of a hangover are headache, stomach upset, vomiting, a bad taste in your mouth, depressed mood, lack of interest in doing normal things the next morning, and a lapse of memory regarding events from the night before. Some individuals feel a sense of guilt over behavior or events that happen during their drinking event.

There are many contributing factors to the occurrance of a hangover. The most obvious factor is the consumption of too much alcohol. Then there is the lack of sleep, drinking on an empty stomach, drinking too much in a small amount of time, having a dehydrated body, and being in poor health.

Fortunately there are a few natural remedies that you can partake in that may help to relieve your hangover symptoms. If you are smart and you know ahead of time that you will be in a situation where you are likely to be drinking alcohol you may want to get the supplies for these natural remedies stocked in your home before going out to drink.

If you take vitamin C it will help to breakdown the alcohol faster in your body. Fruit juices of citrus fruits should be drank in the morning. It is important to drink plenty of water before going out to drink alcohol, and to drink an occasional glass of plain water during the time that you are drinking alcohol and then drink a full glass of water just before going to sleep that night. As soon as you wake the next morning drink another full glass of water. Water helps to flush the alcohol out of your system.

Because honey contains fructose it is also good for breaking down alcohol.

If you take vitamin B complex capsules you will lessen the time that your hangover will last.

You can make a hangover tea by crushing 5 to 6 thyme leaves and place them in a cup. Fill the cup with water and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes. Remove the leavs and drink the remaining liquid.

Placing a cold pack to the forehead will give immediate relief from a headache.

Consuming alcohol puts toxins into your body. You can help to drain these toxins from your body by taking a hot bath in the morning. When you drain the toxins you will experience less symptoms.

Eat a banana for breakfast the morning after you have been drinking.

There are also natural remedies that you can use to prevent a hangover.

If you know you will be drinking that evening have a dinner of starchy foods such as pasta or potatoes. Starchy foods slow down the alcohol absorption.

Drink slowly (nurse your drinks). Less alcohol consumption equals less chance for a hangover.

Alcohol is very dehydrating to the body so it is imperative that you drink plenty of water before you begin drinking any alcohol, and then drink at least one glass of water in between your alcoholic drinks and again another glass of water before going to sleep and then once you awake the next morning, drink another full glass of water.

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