Treatment for Shingles Virus (Rash, Zoster Outbreaks)

Our products for shingles, will eliminate your shingles virus rash, outbreaks and PHN (Neuralgia) effectively.

Medical studies prove the effectiveness of the anti-viral ingredients of Heal Shingles to inactivate the herpes zoster virus and provide an effective treatment for shingles.

Our specially formulated products - Heal Shingles and Heal Singles Prevention - are 100% natural, produced from the highest quality pure essential oils extracted from plants, created exclusively as an effective treatment for shingles rash outbreaks.

The formulas are organic at the source, free from pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

The constituents found in the Heal Shingles formula are proven effective by Medical studies

What is shingles?

Commonly known as the herpes zoster virus, shingles is a late manifestation of the chicken pox virus known as varicella zoster.

Although shingles affects millions of adults by the time they reach 80, it is not uncommon for younger people to develop the virus.

When the virus activates it travels along nerve fibers, usually breaking out on one side of the body into small blisters called vesicles.

Within a few days the blisters rupture forming scabs. Shingles symptoms are a rash associated with severe pain, itching, redness, numbness.

Shingles can affect the eyes. This is due to the fact that the eyes are connected to nerves that may be infected with the virus. Early diagnosis and treatment is important to minimize the symptoms and reduce the risk of complications that may compromise vision.

Which product do I use?

This is a two fold program.

Heal Shingles is specifically formulated to effectively treat and eliminate shingles outbreaks occurring anywhere on the body as well as Neuralgia associated with the shingles virus.

Heal Shingles is extremely concentrated. With only a few drops per application any shingles outbreak can be ended.

Heal Shingles Prevention is a daily maintenance preventative program which controls your recurring outbreaks.

Use of both treatments have proven to eliminate and suppress future shingles rash outbreaks.

How do I use the products?

Heal Shingles is applied topically directly to an outbreak to treat the herpes zoster virus.

Heal Shingles Prevention is used daily as a maintenance program to eliminate future outbreaks. A few drops of the formula is massaged into the sole of each foot which allows the oil to absorb directly into the blood stream.

This helps strengthen your immune system, which completes the healing process when combating the shingles virus. (Please note: these formulas may not be used by pregnant or nursing mothers)

What about other products?

Many products contain ingredients, such as alcohol, which can sting and further irritate the infected area. Some products also contain lidocaine or benzocaine which are designed to “numb” but are only partially effective and can lead to allergic reactions.

Topical creams and ointments may even prolong the healing of shingles outbreaks as they do not penetrate into the cell membranes of the skin and they also irritate the area of the outbreak. Experts strongly advise against using any kind of topical cortisone-type cream on shingles as this can suppress the local immunity and may worsen your outbreaks significantly.

In contrast, our formulas have the proven ability to penetrate into the cell membranes and inactivate the herpes zoster virus where it resides: in the DNA.

The low molecular weight of the Heal Shingles constituents and the fact that they are fat soluble, allows them to immediately penetrate into the cell membrane and attack the herpes zoster virus without causing damage to the host cell.

As a result, Heal Shingles directly absorbs into the blood stream through topical application. It bypasses the digestive tract thereby providing direct absorption into the blood stream without passing through the liver or kidneys. This provides the safest means of attacking the virus.

No other topical product can penetrate into the cell membranes at the speed and efficiency of Heal Shingles to inactivate the herpes zoster virus.

Heal Shingles FAQ

Q.  Do I need both your Heal Shingles and Heal Shingles Prevention products?
A. Both products are very important for your program. The formulas have been proven to eliminate outbreaks. Heal Shingles is concentrated and specifically for outbreaks. Heal Shingles is also used for Neuralgia, the pain associated with the outbreak. When the outbreaks have subsided you will then use Heal Shingles Prevention as a maintenance program applied daily.

Q.  How soon will I see results?
A. Results vary from person to person. When you first start using the formula the virus may fight back. Please be patient, allow your body to absorb the formula to combat the virus. Regular use of Heal Shingles Prevention enables the body to absorb sufficient formula to control future outbreaks.

Q.  How many applications will I get out of one bottle?
A. Heal Shingles is very concentrated, used for outbreaks and Neuralgia. Only a few drops of formula are used for overall application. Both formulas have 11ml of product, sufficient to last for many applications.

Q.  How do I apply the product?
A. Place a few drops of formula on your fingertips and apply topically to the condition and under the feet.

Q.  What about PHN (Post Herpetic Neuralgia) ?
A. PHN can occur after an outbreak and can be extremely painful. PHN If shingles is treated early with our products, PHN can be prevented completely. If however you suffer PHN after the outbreak, Heal Shingles is one of the few products on the market which will successfully treat PHN too!

Heal Shingles Testimonials

I have to admit, I tried your product pretty much out of desperation, having tried topical creams, narcotic pain killers, muscle relaxants and even an anti-convulsant, all of which were ineffective and several of which had extremely unpleasant side effects.

But within a week your product began working and now, after a bit more than two weeks, my symptoms are almost completely gone. This is after enduring more than two months of pain and discomfort.

Can’t tell you how grateful I am.

Bob - Seattle, WA

I received my HealShingles in the 5th or 6th day of my shingles breakout on my upper left face and head. The outbreak was at its peak with itching, tingling and pain. I applied Heal Shingles every two hours and the itching and pain stopped almost immediately.

Within one day the healing progress was significant. After 48 hours, all the swelling and most of the sensations were gone. All that remained were some slightly rough blotchy patches. THIS STUFF WORKS!!!

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I had hoped that the claims and testimonials I had read were true and found out that Heal Shingles was all I hoped for and lives up to all the claims and testimonials.

Thank you for your wonderful product.

Joel - Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to express how VERY pleased, I am with Heal Shingles. I had surgery several years ago and developed shingles under my breasts. This is a particularly uncomfortable place to have this if you wear a bra.

It came back several times during high stress and a subsequent surgery this August. I was miserable for over a month until I found Heal Shingles. The lesions cleared up over night! I was amazed and am ordering some more along with the preventative oil.

Thanks for a great product.

Peggy - San Diego, CA

I love your HealShingles product. A friend of mine ordered it for me as she knew I had suffered from shingles for years. The itching and pain on my back was so unbearable! I used your product and the relief was amazing. I look forward to long relationship with Healing oils….

Kate Krausse - Sydney, Australia

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  2. Click one of the links for the word Shingles or HealShingles and go to the site that sells this. They will have complete instructions and information on their products. They products are guaranteed by the way :) Good luck!

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