The Facts About Reflexology

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Reflexology is the practice of strategically applying pressure to areas of the feet and hands as they correspond with specific body organs.

Reflexology is becoming a more and more popular term in today’s society. Like no other time in history, people are diligently seeking alternative medical treatments. So what is Reflexology and how can it help you? I have outlined the basics for you.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the practice of strategically applying pressure to areas of the feet and hands as they correspond with specific body organs. By stimulating nerves on specific areas of the feet and hands, we can stimulate blood flow and eliminate toxin buildup in the corresponding organs and systems of the body. And it is not only limited to the feet and hands, although they are the most widely used areas. Reflexology can also be used on the face and the ears as well.

What problems is Reflexology beneficial for?

Reflexology is a holistic treatment and is used for a variety of ailments. Not only is it beneficial as a tool for relaxation and Stress relief, but it is also an effective tool for improving Circulation; relieving pain, and as an immune and nervous system stimulator. In fact, many people with illnesses such as Allergies; chronic sinus problems; Acid Reflux; Migraines; PMS; Menopause; Insomnia; Fertility problems and even Arthritis have been helped tremendously by Reflexology treatments.

Quick Reflexology Fact

Stress is a silent killer. In fact, Stress is so commonplace in our society today, that associated behaviors, such as road rage sexual Reflexology, are becoming just an acceptable part of everyday life. Research has shown that high Stress levels not only increase negative hormone levels, the ones responsible for inhibiting sickness and disease, but it also suppresses the Immune System.

What Reflexology and reflexologists are not

Although Reflexology is proven to be beneficial for a multitude of problems, your reflexologist cannot diagnose or claim to cure any diseases. They are not medically trained. Reflexology is meant to bring your body to a state of well-being. Only in this state is your body able to heal itself. If your body is full of Toxins, your Immune System is severely compromised, making you much more likely to succumb to sickness.

Do I need to be on a special diet for Reflexology to work?

Although you do not need to be on a special diet to get benefits from Reflexology, it is always highly recommended to watch what you put in your body. As many holistic nutritionists would agree, you will find that it is very beneficial to consume as much whole foods as possible. Keep in mind that processed foods are one of the biggest sources for the Toxins we build up in our systems; the very Toxins that Reflexology strives to rid the body of. Outside of a whole foods diet, the basics of a good diet always apply. Make sure to drink plenty of water, cut down, or better yet eliminate caffeine, eat a well-balanced diet, exercise and get adequate rest. Reflexology will help take care of the Stress!

Do I have to go to a professional or can I do it myself?

Reflexology treatment offers two treatment options: do it yourself or get the assistance of a trained reflexologist. Taking a look at your goals should help you determine which route to take. If you are looking for immediate results for an impending problem, a trained reflexologist may be the way to go.

However, I found it more beneficial to learn the techniques myself so that I can help my family and myself whenever I need to for free. Many of the techniques are basic and can be learned quite easily. If you want to start out simple, try to get rid of a Tension headache. This is the first technique I learned. And not only did it work, it reassured me that I can treat myself.

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