Synthroid thyroid medication for hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid is unable to produce adequate amounts of hormones for normal metabolism.

Conventional thyroid treatment for hypothyroidism involves supplementing the thyroid hormones with synthetic hormones. Alternative thyroid treatments can also be used to manage the levels of thyroid hormones in the body. Hormonal supplements are used as part of natural thyroid medication.

Synthroid is a brand name of the generic drug, levothyroxine. It is a hormone supplement that is commonly used to treat hypothyroid.

Although Synthroid is a synthetic replacement of a natural hormone produced by the body, there are conditions in which its administration is prohibited or restricted. It is not recommended to be adminstered if the patient has

* Adrenal gland problems.
* A history of heart attacks.
* Hyperthyroidism - a condition where there is an excess of thyroid hormones.

In crertain other cases, the dosage of the artificial hormone or supplement is strictly monitored by a specialist to avoid further complications. These are

* Heart problems like thickening the walls of arteries.
* General anemia.
* Diabetes
* Past record of blood clots
* Conditions of pituitary or adrenal disorders.

The decision to continue consuming Synthroid or not depends on the manner in which the body responds to the drug initially. It is necessary, therefore, to note the new symptoms that suddenly appear once the Synthroid thyroid medication has begun. This is especially important since the drug can have many side effects.

Synthroid does not mix well with some other medications that you might be taking. For example, it can cause serious problems if taken along with mood elevators or antidepressants. An overdose of the drug can result in chest pain, breathlessness, vomiting, diarrhea, cramps and seizures.

On the other hand, Synthroid is an FDA pregnancy category drug and is considered safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. The dosages that are administered need to be monitored closely in such cases.

Although all drugs are dispensed with detailed instructions, Synthroid requires special mention. For example, the best way to ingest the medicine is to take it with a lot of water. This helps the tablet to dissolve immediately and checks choking. The exact amounts taken should be based on the instructions of the physician. The medicine has known to show best results when taken on an empty stomach at the same time every day.

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