Why Do I Have Skin Tags?

A skin tag is often described as little bits of skin that rejects from the surrounding area from a narrow stalk.  They usually pop up around the neck, under arms, eyelids and in some cases under the breasts.  Although they vary up in an appearance they are usually smooth or slightly wrinkled and irregular.  Early or beginning skin tags can be small as a flattened bump and others can get as large as a grape.

Although skin tags are a type of growth they are completely harmless.  This means they are not cancerous and have not been found to be calm potentially cancerous if left untreated.  Most people tend to leave them alone in the areas of the body where they are not very noticeable unless they grow to be very large.

Although researchers know that they are not potentially dangerous they also are not exactly sure what causes the skin tag.  For the most part they tend to start appearing around middle age and have several factors which seem to play a role.  The first one is chafing or irritation from skin rubbing against skin.  This can happen under the breasts of women who use in underwire bra, or in the under arm area or groin area where skin rubs against skin during the day.

Researchers have also found that during times of life when there are high levels of growth factors skin tags tend to appear.  For women this means particularly during pregnancy.  Men may find an increased number of skin tags if they use steroids for long periods of time to enhance athletic ability.  Individuals who suffer from acromegaly also known as gigantism, experience large amounts of growth hormone secondary to their disease.

Individuals who develop diabetes which is insulin resistance will find that they have an increased number of skin tags which develop over their body.  And researchers have also found that individuals who carry the human papilloma virus or wart virus, also have an increased incidence of the development of skin tags.

At other times individuals find that by using certain products they are able to increase the number of skin tags which develop.  For instance, some women find that by using eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara they can initiate the development of skin tags around the eye area.  Other individuals find that certain brands of deodorant or specific chemical reactions will increase the number of skin tags which develop under the arm.

While these skin tags are be nine they can develop to such a size that they interfere with the daily activities of an individual or cause people distress when they happen on the face.  Thankfully treatments for skin tags is very simple, rather painless and in some instances can be done by your primary care physician without seeing a dermatologist.

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