How to Remove Plantar Warts

Did you know that the same virus that causes Planters warts is at the center of research being done on cervical cancer? It’s true, the human papillomavirus is the same virus which causes warts on the hand, anogenital warts, Planters warts and can be one causative factor for cervical cancer.

Planters warts are contracted through direct contact with the virus. The type of human papilloma virus that causes Planters warts likes to read in damp, warm environments such as public showers, swimming pools, locker rooms or communal shoes. Planters warts can also spread from person to person contact as well and your chances of contracting the virus rises if your feet are dry and cracked war your immune system is weakened.

You should always see a doctor to confirm your diagnosis of planter warts since in some cases it may be something entirely different. These warts often appeared near the ball of the foot or around the heal, basically where the Floyd touches the ground.

The individual who experiences of planter warts will feel it as they walk but when looking at the work appears to be flat. This is because the word is growing inward, into the body as opposed to outward. As a result the planter ward looks and feels more like a callous than a war you might find on someone’s fingers.

Often times the planter ward will have some dark discoloration or appear to have a dark black core. These are small blood clots and are characteristic of planter warts. There are several different ways of getting rid of these warts.

Often times they will go away on their own but because they are on site week, contagious and often painful many people would like to get them removed as soon as possible. Its importance that you first confirm your diagnosis with your physician but once confirmed it is fairly easy to recognize or re-occurrence if they happen.

One of the most common treatments for planter warts is using salicylic acid. This is a treatment which can be purchased over the counter from your local drugstore. Using salicylic acid is a process that takes about four weeks and uses a daily application to the warts.

The solution calms as either a liquid or a gel and can be placed over the warts each day. Individuals should use a nail file or upon the stone to remove the dead skin from the top of the war it every day in order to allow the salicylic acid to treat the viable part of the wart itself.

In 2002 a well-publicized study indicated that duct tape would more consistently treats Planters warts then freezing dead. The process can take up until two months and is started by soaking the warts in warm water and John Wayne rubbing them with an emery bord or pumice stone to get the top layer off.

The wart is then covered with duct tape which is removed for six days later and the warts is once again soaked. This treatment has become commonly used especially with children who find other procedures painful or scary.

Cryotherapy or freezing treatments, is one of the most common treatments done in the dermatologist or primary care physicians office. It is usually effective but can require multiple trips to the doctor every two to four weeks.

The chemical which is used, or with which nitrogen, is now being sold over the counter in spray bottle applicators. The chemical causes a blister to form around the warts and the dead tissue sloughs off within a week or so. This treatment is not commonly used in young children because it can be painful.

There are times when he is more common treatments are not effective against a more aggressive virus. In these cases your doctor may suggest minor surgery in which they will cut away the warts were destroyed using electric needle, laser surgery, immunotherapy or bleomyosin which is a medication that kills the virus. This medication is used in higher doses to kill some kinds of cancers and should not be used if the individual is pregnant, breast-feeding or if they have circulation problems.

Fortunately a Planters warts do not cause much more than irritation and a problem to the individual who is experiencing them. Often times they disappear on their own but because they are uncomfortable and sometimes painful to walk on most individuals choose to have them removed.

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