How to Remove Moles

For the most part moles are generally benign and are harmless. There are times when they can precancerous and dermatologists have specific criteria which they use to evaluate these potentially precancerous moles. Moles which change shape, size, coloration or her develop bleeding, oozing, itchiness or scaly should be evaluated by a dermatologist and potentially biopsied.

It is not uncommon for an adult to have between 10 and 40 moles on their body after the age of 20. Unfortunately for some people see his moles grow most specifically on the face and arms which are highly visible areas. For some the majority of their moles are found in the areas normally covered by clothing and cause them no distress. However for those whose moles are found to on the face and arms these individuals often look for ways in which to remove their moles.

There are two specific ways that can be tried. The first is to use some natural remedies at home and the second is to approach a dermatologist for removal at the office. While removal in a dermatologist’s office may be less cost effective is definitely safer and more efficient. The dermatologist is often able to remove all of the moles tissue so that it doesn’t grow back and is able to do it in such a way that no scar tissue left.

However, there are some individuals who would like to try this at home. Before trying to remove all moles the house be sure of your diagnosis and be sure that the mole you’re trying to remove is not precancerous.

You will read and find out about all types of mole removers. Some work and some don’t. The most common way to have a mole removed is in the dermatologist office using a chemical which freezes the mole or to have it surgically removed. The first home remedy that you might try is actually honey. It is best to use natural, unheated honey because it is the enzymes which you want in the honey and those are killed when the honey is heated. Use a little bit of honey under a Band-Aid every day.

Some people find better success when they mix ground flax seed with flax seed oil and raw honey. Apply this to the moles every day. Dandelion root is another home remedy for mole removal and is used by rubbing the roots on the affected areas until the juice of the roots mirrors the ward off completely. This can be done three times a day

Garlic is another natural cure that’s been used to treat moles. It is recommended that you make a paste from a garlic clove and apply it every day to the mole. There have been some reports of individuals who use this and have had a deep dark in reddening of the areas surrounding the mole. There is some question as to whether or not moles removed with garlic will return by you will keep away friends and vampires use this to your.

Mix up tension baking soda with drops of castor oil to make a paste. Place this paste on the moles and leave it overnight. Repeat this process for a few days. There has been some reported success with this treatment however there are more individuals who reported having used this for several weeks without seeing any results.

Some natural carer remedies also include the use of tea tree oil applied directly to the moles for seven to 10 days. Whether this is an effective treatment or not should be evaluated on an individual basis. However, tea tree oil will not cause any harm to the area out work to the body and should be rather benign.

Individuals can also try soaking the area in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes and after patting a try apply cider vinegar with cotton balls. This reportedly shrinks the tissue in the mole and causes death to the tissue.

But by far the most interesting natural remedy for mole removal is the use of urine. And apparently this bodily excrement which is full of waste products from the body is strong enough to burn the moles off your face. Individuals who have used this treatment report that it is best to use fresh urine. Using a cotton ball, dip the ball in urine for several seconds and then place it on the mole covering it with a Band-Aid. By changing the cotton ball and Band-Aid every 12 hours the mole reportedly will fall off within three to four days.

Remember, moles are harmless and unless they are causing you discomfort or pain you should not attempt to remove them or have them removed. And if they are causing you discomfort or pain they should be removed by a dermatologist who can determine if they are cancerous and should require further treatment.

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