Sinus Yeast Infections

In an article published October 2008, Mayo Clinic researchers have proposed that most chronic sinus infections may be caused by an immune system response to fungus. Many studies at the Mayo Clinic have added evidence to the thinking that chronic rhinitis is caused by an immune reaction to fungus in the nose. The original study was published in September 1999 and has been reproduced and confirmed by a sinus Center in Europe.

Currently Mayo Clinic has 16 further studies being done to investigate the role of fungus in an inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract. Other researchers found that certain white blood cells are reacting to the fungus and producing the kind of inflammation seen in the sinuses. Researchers have found that healthy people did not have the same reaction. This evidence was so convincing that the National Institute of Health has given Mayo Clinic at $2.5 million grant to further investigate the response of the body to fungus.

The yeast that commonly causes these infections is Candida albicans. This is a fungus that exists in small amounts in everyone’s in test and all tract it is a fungus that is responsible for vaginal yeast infections in women and sinus yeast infections. In small amounts of Candida is harmless.

However, with overgrowth caused by the use of antibiotics, altered in immune system or even pregnancy, the yeast grows out of control. With this growth the yeast forms rhizomes which invade the intestinal walls and cause leakage of the yeast into the blood system. This allows the yeast to invade other systems of the body or to even cause a systemic infection.

In large amounts the growth of the yeast can be life-threatening. Because in a normal healthy immune system yeast is kept from growing to life-threatening proportions many people can feel the effects of chronic fatigue, you’re a total bull bowel syndrome, gas, bloating, food allergies, skin rashes and allergies to mold which a medium amount of growth can bring.

Unfortunately misdiagnosis of the problem is all too common. This is because the symptoms of a systemic yeast infection are generalized and can often lead down the path to other illnesses or diseases. Yeast infections affect the immune system of the body which is what triggers the signs and symptoms which individuals experience. This general picture is what leads to misdiagnoses of yeast infections which have grown to systemic proportions.

Yeast infections may settle in the vaginal vault or may also settle commonly in a sinus tracts. Treatment for chronic sinusitis which is often caused by yeast infections is multi-factorial. It must address dietary habits as well as medications and digestive enzymes to help decrease the inflammatory response in the digestive tract which will decrease the amount of yeast chronically leaked into the body.

Mayo Clinic defines chronic sinusitis as a sinus inflammation that persists for three months or longer. It is recommended that any individual who suffers from chronic sinus infections should seek the care of in the ear, nose and throat specialist for the appropriate treatment of this disease. Many times chronic sinusitis is associated with asthma or allergies and treatment of the associated problems helps to decrease the problems of the chronic sinusitis.

Individuals should be aware that some of the new over-the-counter treatments using nasal salt water washes and mist sprays are very useful in treating the symptoms of chronic sinusitis but do not often eliminate the inflammation or the underlying cause. While these treatments will help to eliminate the causes and symptoms of allergic rhinitis the underlying infection of yeast is not treated using salt water.

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