Side Effects from Crestor…statin drugs…

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Question: from Joe

Hi. I am a 70 year old male. 5′10″ jog regularly 1 to 3 miles. Do the 3 miles in about 30 minutes. After about 2-3 years of experimentation my Dr. finally found the combination of Crestor 10mg and Zetia 10mg, once a day got my ldl down to 70 and total cholesterol down to 135.

No problems with triglycerides or hdl. When we started the total cholesterol was >300 and the ldl was over 240. He, the Dr. is happy with the results. However, I am concerned about the supposed side effects of the statin drugs as I am very active, and do a lot of physical things in keeping the ranch running smoothly.

As a result of either the statin drug or the activity, some of my muscles are nearly always sore, and I am not sure if it is a reaction to the Crestor or due to the combination of age and activity. As a result of this uncertainty, I would prefer to keep the cholesterol level down without the crestor,

Is there a good way to determine the cause of the muscle soreness for sure? Could you recommend a better way to keep the ldl down below 80?

Answer: from Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

The first comment that I would make is that I think that your total cholesterol is actually too low. Cholesterol is very important as the base ingredient for the manufacture of many other substances in your body, and in particular hormones.

Some expert’s claim that total cholesterol levels lower than 180 increases your risk of a stroke!

Could your muscle pain be due to the statin. Absolutely!!

The problem with the statins is that the action of them in blocking the production of cholesterol in the body also blocks the production of other essential substances, chief amongst them being CoQ10. It is critical if you are taking a statin that you also supplement with CoQ10.

OK…what should you do?

1. I would immediately start taking the full dose of our Cardio-Klenz at 6 tablets a day. This not only contains CoQ10 which your body will really need right now, but it also contains many other ingredients that will also help maintain your cholesterol at a good level.

I would talk to your Doctor about reducing the dose of the Crestor, maybe by a third for the first 2 months and then checking your cholesterol levels. If they are still OK but just up a bit you then may be able to cut down to a half dose for another couple of months and then check again.

2. If you are not already doing so I would suggest that you add Omega 3 fish oil into your daily regime. In that regard our Omega 3 DHA is as good as it gets.

3. For your general health you could also add Total Balance Mens plus into your regime.

If you followed this protocol I have no doubt that your muscle pains will subside and your general wellness with improve.

With regard to maintaining an LDL level below 80 there is nothing that will achieve that other than a statin drug. Nothing natural will force it that low which is an artificial level. Our Cholest-Natural has helped thousands of people normalise their cholesterol levels but it will not force it to a low artificial like a statin drug. It is extremely rare to find an individual with LDL as low as 80 no matter how good their health is…IF they are not on a statin drug.

An underlying reason why such low levels of cholesterol are now recommended is that only a statin drug will achieve these unnaturally low levels. The medical profession goes along with this because it is recommended by the Cholesterol Council of America. But, are these low levels in the best interests of the public? When considering the answer to that question it is interesting to be aware of who controls this council? Well, 7 of the panel of nine individuals are affiliated to drug companies who manufacture statins!

The medical profession has been fed a compelling ‘sales pitch’ for the use of statin drugs and most physicians have very little time to spend on independent research to verify it. However, the medical profession is beginning to wake up to the fact that cholesterol is only one marker in assessing possible cardio-vascular risk. Inflammation which is still largely ignored is an even greater marker of cardio-vascular disease.

Cardio-vascular health should be based on a wholelistic basis and not just focus on one marker. This is the approach we work on and the reason for the suggestions above.

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