Shark Cartilage Capsules, Chondrotin Sulfate…A Warning!!

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

The UK Food Standards Agency warns that Salmonella has been found in some batches of shark cartilage capsules originating from the US.

The capsules which are popular for joint health have been recalled from the US distribution firm after they said is discovered the ‘issue’ during routine testing of the product.

Wow…salmonella is bad stuff! This is shocking and there is NO excuse for it. ALL batches of supplements should be tested for basic microbiological contamination of which salmonella is a standard test, and the tests should be done PRIOR to the product leaving the factory.

This should be standard procedure for ALL manufacturers. It is something that we do automatically for all batches of all products and always have done.

It highlights the problem of contract manufacturers which I have raised many times. These companies are under pressure from their Corporate Customers to produce products at the lowest possible cost so as a result shortcuts are taken and these basic tests are simply not done.

The affected shark cartilage capsules were sold under the following labels:

* Puritan’s Pride brand shark cartilage capsules,
* Nature’s Bounty brand shark cartilage capsules,
* Rexall Sundown brand shark cartilage capsules,
* Vitamin World brand shark cartilage capsules,
* Natural Wealth brand shark cartilage capsules.

If you happen to have any of these products I would suggest that you contact your supplier with view to returning them.

By the way an effective economic alternative is our GLM-Omega 3 DHA fish oil which contains a high potency extract of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel which is excellent for nagging joint pain. A further benefit is that the daily dose also contains the recommended amount of pure Omega 3 DHA as well from New Zealand Hoki fish.

It’s a good combination.

For more info on this situation please click here:

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