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Petrified Wood - Crystal/Stone Profile

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Petrified Wood Stone Of Health and Longevity

Geological: These stones are pale green, light brown and rust in color with sharp edges. The word �petrified� means �turned to stone.� In certain areas of the world, dry and barren deserts now cover land that was once lush with green plants and forests.

For some reason, the forests died and the trees fell to the ground. There, silica and other mineral bearing solutions infiltrated the wood and slowly impregnated it with stone. The stone took on the same shape and color of the wood from the trees.

Petrified wood comes in a rainbow of colors, reflecting the minerals that made it. So a calcified log will be white (unless it’s exposed to the browning effects of sunlight). Impurities in the invading mineral influence the color, making no log exactly alike. Iron adds reds and yellows; manganese and copper may create blue or green patches. Crystals of quartz and other minerals make petrified wood glitter.

Because wood is sometimes set in stone, bearing many of its original markings and rings, we get glimpses of what the landscape and climate were like millions of years ago. The many petrified logs found in South Dakota include several species of palm tree, revealing a semitropical past for this now chilly state.

Metaphysical: Petrified Wood offers protection from infections, it benefits arthritis, and restores physical energy. It also prevents work stress, eases worry and enhances awareness. Brings clarity in legal matters and bureaucratic word. Used in lawsuits, to attain success as a lawyer, it is also a secretary stone. Healing , Health and Longevity.

A very grounding stone, petrified wood helps to release doubts. It is a stone of strength and courage. It is used in workings to increase fitness and lifespan and also to bring understanding and evolution to all lives, past, present and future.

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