Surefire Osteopathic Means of Easing Your Back Pain

Busy moms, pregnant soon-to-be moms, athletes, office workers, laborers, and everyday citizens all share one thing: the risk of developing back pain. Whether it is the early morning stiffness that makes getting out of a bed a real challenge, or the pain that takes hold after a long day, the fact that it is uncomfortable and makes it very hard to enjoy the evening has many back pain sufferers looking for help. A good many of them find their ways to chiropractic offices where practitioners of the form of alternative medicine seek to adjust the spine and thus help the overall posture and relieve the pain.

Others do not want to forego medical care but recognize that they need more than mere pain relief. These patients usually seek out the help of a doctor of osteopathy (D.O.). There are surefire osteopathic means of easing your back pain and you might be surprised to learn how easy it can be!

When you first visit your osteopathic practitioner, she or he will ask you to partially disrobe and then engage in several normal movements. You may be asked to walk up and down in the office, swing your arms, and also bend over. The goal is to ascertain if there is a spinal or muscular reason why you may be experiencing your back pain. Once a diagnosis is made, your D.O. will most likely begin a course of treatment involving musculoskeletal manipulation, hot and cold packs, and also prescribe a course of exercises for you to do at home.

These osteopathic exercises may be as follows:
* Shoulder rolls. Stand up straight and pick up a couple of weights. Since most osteopaths shy away from sending patients to the sporting goods store to purchase items that may not be absolutely necessary, the odds are good that you have received the advice to pick up a can of beans in each hand. Roll the shoulder forward, backward, and alternate shoulders.
* Couple the shoulder rolls with breathing exercises designed to help your muscles to relax while performing the exercises. This will serve to limber up your shoulders and also the upper portion of the spine.
* Bend at the waist. This may be done in stages, with each bend getting you a bit lower to the ground. Once again you will hold on to your cans of beans, but this time your arms should be dangling in front of you. Since your shoulders and the upper portion of your spine are already limbered up, there is little pain that will be experienced there. Exercising the lower portion of the back and spine is only natural now and you once again combine breathing exercises with this phase.

There is little doubt that these osteopathic means are going to help your back feel better in a jiffy. In addition, they are sure to support the in office treatment you received at the hands of the D.O., but it is always a good idea to discuss any exercise regimen with the practitioner, just to make sure that she or he approves of it at this stage in your treatment.

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