Overcoming Migraines through Relaxation Training

Relaxation training has long since been known to help in overcoming migraines. While they may not avoid the pain and the gastrointestinal upset, they do help with the muscle pains, spasms, and also migraine induced problems with the lower extremities. Of course, relaxing during a migraine onset is a lot easier said than done, and sufferers from this neurological condition are wise to practice their techniques and exercises well in advance of the next migraine attack.

Those who have never heard of relaxation training may have the mistaken belief that it requires little more than simply sitting down or comfortably reclining on a bed or sofa, and relaxation will be automatic and virtually instantaneous. Nothing could be further from the truth! As a matter of fact, relaxation training requires discipline, a heightened almost intuitive knowledge of one’s body, and it takes some practice to help the migraine sufferer accomplish the relaxation in less than ideal circumstances.

* Begin the relaxation training exercises by making yourself comfortable. Remove all disturbances, such as the phone, computer, or television.
* Close your eyes and focus on your body. Take a mental inventory of the major muscle groups. Begin with the muscles in your back and evaluate if they are tensed or relaxed.
* If you determine that the muscle groups are tensed, mentally order yourself to relax. Move on to the next muscle groups, either up to your shoulders and neck, or down to the extremities.
* You may be surprised to find a lot of muscles that are tensed or hurt. Consciously willing them to relax now is a good exercise for the time that a migraine attack may cause them to constrict and hurt.

Some practitioners suggest that you should start at the top of your head and then work your way down to the feet, but migraine sufferers whose disorders forces them to endure migraine headaches claim that this approach does not work, since the head and neck muscles are ground zero for their pain. Instead, it is a much more workable solution to begin at a different spot in the body, work on relaxing those muscles, and work up to the muscle groups that are the most affected by the migraine attack.

In addition to the relaxation techniques, those with migraine headaches have found that diverting from the major muscle groups and focusing in on the minor muscle groups as well is a worthwhile means of relaxing the oft forgotten muscles of the forehead, ears, and overall help in relieving the painful tensioning of the facial muscles.

Bodily muscle relaxation takes a little getting used to and if you are a candidate for migraine pains or headaches, it is crucial that you learn these techniques and practice them frequently. You may be able to take the edge off a migraine attack well ahead of its actually reaching its peak, making you less susceptible to the pain and suffering that follows in its wake and also affects patients in the aftermath of an attack.

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