Natural Migraine Prevention

Preventing migraine, especially migraine headaches, is a quest that has millions of participants. It is surprising that the full extent of the neurological disorder known as migraine is not fully understood, but the various facets that exist within the condition are so intricately intertwined that discovery of one opens up more questions that it offers up useable answers.

In spite of the confusion that exists in medical circles, there are some recognized aspects of the disorder which make natural migraine prevention not only possible, but actually preferable.

* Enhance your sleep, overall wellbeing, and protection against the formation of migraine headaches with melatonin. Sleep is vital for proper bodily function and even more so for the muscle relaxation that can only come from a well rested body. Melatonin is a natural substance that the body manufactures and which helps with sleep, but in some cases the body’s natural production of the substance may be insufficient. Studies have proven melatonin to not only be a sleep aid but also a migraine pain inhibitor.

* Nightly hot baths infused with aromatherapy oils. Stress is the number one trigger for headaches and relaxation is a key component for staying healthy and pain free. Migraine sufferers who combine the relaxing properties of a hot bath with the holistic treatment offered by aromatherapy know that this is a powerful one – two punch.

* Trigger avoidance of controllable events. Stress is a condition that should be avoided but cannot always be controlled. As such, it can be mitigated and later on dealt with, but the migraine sufferer only has limited power when it comes to dealing with stress. Other triggers, however, are entirely under the control of the person encountering them. Nicotine, chocolate, alcohol, and nuts are all known triggers which may affect migraine sufferers to certain extents. It is therefore advisable to avoid them completely.

* Hydration with regular water. Sure, there are those studies that claim fruit juices and even sodas would count as proper hydration, but anyone who has ever suffered from even moderate dehydration knows that what the body really craves is cool – not cold – and clear water. Headaches oftentimes accompany dehydration, but for migraine sufferers the dehydration may actually bypass the normal headache stage and lead straight to a migraine headache.

There is obviously no guarantee that you will avoid the next migraine pain if you follow one or more of these suggestions. On the other hand, you are bettering your odds of avoiding a migraine attack if you observe the warnings, avoid the triggers, and provide your body and muscles the relaxation they require to function normally.

This form of natural migraine prevention does not cost much money, can be done by virtually anyone, and has little, if any, side effects. There are some studies that suggest melatonin is not a substance advisable for everyone, but a doctor will be able to tell you if you are able to use it or if you should forego this particular bit of holistic migraine prevention.

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