Migraines Are More than Just Headaches

Migraines Are More than Just HeadachesWho has not experienced the occasional headache? It might have been caused by stress or loud noises, and a couple of pain killers usually take care of the problem. In stark contrast, migraines are more than just headaches.

As a matter of fact, migraines are considered a neurological problem that presents with headaches as a symptom, but is by far more involved. Actually, there are several more symptoms attached to this condition.

Whereas the average headache may last a couple of hours, or be noticeable throughout the duration of a day – albeit dulled by pain medication – a migraine headache has an almost unabated severity that might last one to three days. Women more often than men are affected by this condition and the headaches are accompanied by severe nausea and also sensitivity to light, sound, and scents.

At this time it is still uncertain just how this neurological dysfunction occurs and why. There have been developments that have indicated a genetic predisposition to migraines, but the exact cause that triggers the condition to develop is as of you unknown.

Curiously, migraine headaches affect only one side of the brain, and it is this lopsided feel of pain that serves to further disorient the sufferer.

Patients seeking medical attention for their migraines are disappointed to learn that they cannot be completely eradicated. In a somewhat surprising twist of fate, these migraines temporarily abate during a woman’s pregnancy, but the return full force after delivery. Physicians seek to control the pain with the help of strong pain killers and also the use of anti nausea medications.

Sufferers from the condition have little choice but to ride out these debilitating headaches. They may be confined to their rooms with the curtains drawn, unable to participate in work or school related activities, and most likely also not able to be an active part of daily family life until the symptom has passed.

The loud noises of playing children or even the television are too much to handle for the patient with migraines, and family members know that when the condition affects their loved one, a change in daily routines is called for.

Life in the household of a migraine sufferer usually involves the understanding that door slamming and loud noises must be strictly curtailed. Additionally, even common household sounds are reduced to the largest extent possible. Children are trained early on how to behave when the parent experiences the pain of a migraine, and play dates are quite frequently the answer when the kids are still very young and most likely to forget that silence is golden.

Teens suffering from migraines need their parents’ understanding that this condition is beyond their control is not something they can just snap out of at will. School work, extracurricular activities, and any other plans need to take a backseat to a migraine spell. Parents may be tempted to consider their teen a bit of a pretender, but a consultation with a physician specializing in migraine headaches and associated disorders convinces them.

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Originally posted 2008-11-06 11:10:03.

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2 Responses to “Migraines Are More than Just Headaches”

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  2. I suffer from migraines, though I’ve been fortunate not to have one for a long, long time.

    Several years back, immediately following the birth of my youngest daughter, I was attacked by a near constant migraine. It was a very dark period in my life. No migraine medication was effective… which made me wonder if it wasn’t migraine at all. But the dr’s all insisted that it was.

    Once, I woke up in the middle of the night and one side of my body was completely numb. The dr. said it was called a “silent migraine.”

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