The Link Between Headaches and Vision

The Link Between Headaches and VisionHeadaches are a complicated issue. The causes can arise from so many different sources that sometimes it is hard to pinpoint how to treat them. If you suffer from headaches, have you had your vision checked?

We often think of external factors when dealing with headaches. The most common cause is stress. Stress is the single most harmful condition to our bodies.

Stress can bring on a cascade of system problems in the body. Ongoing stressful situations can cause eating disorders, hair loss, depression, disease, and a host of other problems. We prematurely age when our bodies are bombarded with free radicals, which increase when we are stressed.

Headaches are a common cause of stress. If a doctor hears that we are having frequent headaches, they will ask about our life and daily routine. We often realize that our lifestyle is making us sick and we need to make changes to feel better.

One thing we don’t usually consider, however, is that headaches can be caused by our eyes. Undiagnosed vision problems can account for a percentage of headaches suffered. What are the reasons our eyes are to blame?

As we age, our vision changes. Vision problems for children are diagnosed through yearly vision tests at the pediatrician’s office. We are asked to read an eye chart. Depending on how far down the chart we can read, our vision is rated. Poor readers may be prescribed glasses to better their vision.

Some children hide the fact that they have problems with their eyes because they don’t want to wear glasses. Even at young ages there is pressure to conform and not be different in any way. Children who get glasses sometimes won’t wear them in school for fear of teasing. To compensate they squint to see the blackboard and develop headaches.

For adults, the reason could be the same as for children. Or, we get our vision checked once every ten years or so, and in that time, our eyes have changed and our glasses are making our vision worse. Headaches result.

How do you know that vision may be the culprit of the headaches? Here are a few suggestions. Do you constantly remove your glasses and rub your eyes? Are you taking your glasses on and off to read a book or newspaper? These could signal that vision issues are at work.

For children, check their grades and performance throughout school. A student who is smart but performs poorly in exams could be having difficulty seeing or reading because of poor eyesight. Whenever they try to do these tasks, severe headaches can occur. Overworked eye muscles can’t handle the strain.

Have a vision check every year. If you or a loved one is having headaches right now, consider the possibility that it could be related to your vision. A thorough eye exam offers clues to the mystery and can stop those headaches for good.

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