Holistic Pain Control for Fibromyalgia

Holistic Pain Control for FibromyalgiaDealing with fibromyalgia is synonymous with pain control. There is no cure, no explanation, and there is no prescription your doctor can offer you that will make it all go away. Sure, initially he is likely to run a battery of tests, poke and prod you, and prescribe a number of medications in the hopes of getting you to feel better.

In the end, you most likely get frustrated, suffer not only from the fibromyalgia but also from the copious side effects of the drugs the doctor used, and more or less lost all hope that there truly will be anything he can do to ease your discomfort.

Before long, you are most likely thinking of undergoing holistic treatments, if not for the fibromyalgia itself, then at least for the pain.

Moreover, you might recognize that the side effects you have thus far encountered are adding a lot more serious health concerns that are actually triggering some episodes of fibromyalgia flare ups, in spite of your fervent hopes that they would not. It is noteworthy that natural healers are not as quick as doctors to provide you with tinctures, pills, and herbs to counteract your fibromyalgia.

Instead, they usually try to completely understand your disease and its symptoms, as the latter are completely different in each and every patient. This assists natural healers in understanding your personal trigger events, your individual way of dealing with the pain, and also how to help you individually to begin pushing past the exhaustion that seems to go together with any and all activities. Natural healers usually ask you to begin your holistic treatment with the keeping of a journal. It is a daily journal, much like a diary, in which you record how you feel.

Start out with waking up, how you feel, if there are aches and pains, and if there is pronounced tiredness. Next, keep track of how you feel during any major events and also in their aftermath.

Record your physiological response to phone conversations, both at work and at home. Record the minor things that would normally go unnoticed. As you might have guessed, your holistic practitioner is looking for emotional and stress triggers that may send you straight into a painful episode within the framework of your fibromyalgia.

Next there will be an examination of the trigger events and the possibilities of avoiding them. Some that cause by emotional turmoil or stress may be unavoidable, but at least you might be able to cut back on them. Journaling also has the power of helping you learn how to deal with stress triggers and gauge the efficacy of your efforts.

For example, if muscle relaxation techniques work but massage works better, then you know to schedule a massage therapy session when you know that a potentially stressful meeting or get together is on the horizon. In the same vein, if some pains can only be relieved by acupuncture, use the journaling to find out which situations warrant that kind of pain and begin to forearm and stave off the attacks of fibromyalgia.

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