Comparing the Most Common Types of Migraines

There are currently five well documented instances of migraines that are diagnosed more often than any other kind. Three of them are well worth studying in more detail, since they represent the most common complaints given by patients to healthcare professionals.

1. Children are most likely to experience abdominal migraines. It is uncertain if they are brought on by stress or nervousness, or if they simply occur as part of the neurological disorder. Like most other migraines they last from one to three days, and express themselves in abdominal pain that cannot be traced back to the ingestion of certain foods or problems with bowel movements. There has been a fair amount of research that suggests that children who present at a young age with abdominal migraines will as adults develop different forms of the condition.

2. An acephalgic migraine is most closely associated with the tell tale headaches that accompany the disorder. Interestingly, an acephalgic migraine itself does not present with headaches as a symptom and it is only later that a patient will graduate to experiencing the kinds of migraines that actually are accompanied by headaches. Acephalgic migraines do show up with sudden bouts of nausea and vomiting as well as heightened sensitivity to light, sound and scents.

3. Familial hemiplegic migraines are those most commonly associated with the famous migraine headaches. In many cases there are also serious motor skills impairments that may occur concurrently with the headaches.

It is uncertain why a migraine may choose to express itself abdominally in youth, only to later on find different modes of expression. In the same vein, the fact that migraines do not have to be accompanied by headaches at all makes the condition somewhat hard to diagnose and understand, especially since so much mainstream knowledge centers on the presence of headaches concurrently with other symptoms.

The one commonality that the conditions share, however, is the one to three day timeframe that the different kinds or migraines may linger. The severity of the pain may differ even from incident to incident but there are thus far no reports of any migraine attack lasting longer than 72 hours. A blessing in disguise, it also provides a most valuable tool for the diagnosis of the condition.

It is crucial for sufferers to visit a physician and discuss the possibility of suffering from migraines early on. Different symptoms require different treatments, and in some cases there are actual dangers associated with the use of pain killers that might work well for some forms of migraine pains and symptoms. Only a physician skilled in the treatment of this condition can ascertain which medications are safe to use and which carry the highest likelihood of successfully seeing the patient through the episode.

In some cases primary care physicians are not sure that they can meet the needs of a migraine patient, and it is not uncommon for the patient to receive a referral to a specialist. This professional will then take over the treatment of the migraines.

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