Healthy Winter Breakfasts

Healthy Winter BreakfastsWhy is it that we eat more food in the winter?   Maybe we decide that it’s okay to have a little more girth to keep us warm.   Bears do it so why can’t we?   Unfortunately, eating more and moving less doesn’t equal a healthy lifestyle.

Stay warm this winter with a few healthy breakfast items on the menu.   We can eat and feel full without ruining our diet and adding to our waistline.   We’ve worked hard to maintain or lose weight when the weather was warm.   We don’t want to ruin it all during the winter chill.

1. Oatmeal  - Oatmeal has changed from the pasty gray stuff that was served to us as kids.   Now, oatmeal comes in instant flavors like strawberries and cream, maple and brown sugar, and cinnamon and apples.   The oats provide soluble and insoluble fiber.   Fiber helps to stabilize blood sugar so we don’t overeat during the day.   The slow release of energy by our body keeps us going at a steady pace.   Oatmeal can be made with water or milk.   Using skim milk provides vitamin D as well as fiber.

2. Fruit filled breads  - We are always in a hurry.   This may mean leaving behind a warm breakfast but not a nutritious one.   The same mix recipes that can be used for muffins can be used to make sweet breads like banana nut, cranberry-raisin, and blueberry bread.   Fresh or dried fruits can be used in the bread.   In combination with other whole grains, the bread is a healthy winter breakfast that can be fixed and eaten fast.

3. Eggs, cheese, and sausage  - A good breakfast is a mixture of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.   Eggs provide protein and some fat.   Cheese provides the same.   It is okay to use low fat cheeses.   Fat free cheese doesn’t melt as well.   Turkey sausage or bacon provides protein and that meat we so often crave.   Weekend mornings are a perfect time for family to enjoy a hearty, healthy warm breakfast.

4. Unsweetened cereals  - Cereal is still a part of a balanced breakfast.   This doesn’t change in the winter time.   Try a cereal that gets its sweetness from cinnamon or honey.   It is better for you and fortified with vitamins and minerals we need every day.   Supplement that bowl of cereal with a glass of orange juice or coffee and a slice of wheat toast for a quick and healthy breakfast before work or school.

What are you having for breakfast?   During the winter, we naturally eat more food because we crave carbohydrates.   It is the hibernation instinct in our bodies.   To keep from looking oversized in the spring, continuing to watch what we eat in winter is essential.   Try these breakfast alternatives to do just that.

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Originally posted 2008-11-29 11:51:09.

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