Foods That Our Bodies Require

The food that we eat must provide us with sufficient PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATE and FAT, plus VITAMINS, MINERALS and WATER.

Only quality food will provide enough of these nutrients. Cakes, pies, pastries, potato chips and sweets are valueless foods. They fill you up to the exclusion of good quality food you must have. So we see that these foods are not only damaging, but that they are actually replacing food that we need to be healthy.

Remember that a body will run on junk food because it is mainly refined carbohydrates or fat or both. These are high energy foods. We can survive quite successfully on them - for a while, but they don’t provide sustaining goodness and nutrients and you cannot rebuild or maintain health on “junk foods”. They “clog us up” and “burn us out”.

There are two other dietary components that our bodies require. These are enzymes and roughage. Most enzymes are manufactured in our bodies but many are also provided in the fresh, raw food that we consume. You will remember that enzymes catalyse (speed up) chemical reactions within our bodies.

The enzymes provided in raw food like sprouts, greatly assist us in the efficient digestion and utilisation of the nutrients from these foods to the cells of our body. If this process is not efficient then we cannot get the nutrients that we require. Enzymes are easily lost through cooking and processing. Please note that it is neither necessary or desirable that all of our food be raw. Some people will thrive far better on lots of raw food in their diet and others will thrive on more cooked food.

The main points are…that generally speaking, our society needs more vegetables and fruits … that these foods provide lots of natural enzymes that will aid in the utilisation of the nutrients from these foods. This leads us to the next thing … roughage. Everybody is now aware of the need for more fibre in the diet. This fibrous and bulking content of our food is lost during the refining process. Nature didn’t include these “troublesome rough bits” just to annoy us and make us chew harder. Manufacturers remove this from our foods because they believe the final product will be tastier and more acceptable to the consumer, but the price we pay for the removal of this fibre and bulk is a sluggish eliminatory system.

Without roughage the transit time in our colon is greatly increased. This means that the food can sit there for many hours or days longer than it should. This food putrifies and rots and much of this toxicity is reabsorbed back into our body.

Our Average Requirement

Whenever we discuss how much of anything is required we automatically look at an “average requirement”. Because there is no such thing as an “average person”, this model becomes risky and limiting. If we don’t fit into this “model” what do we do? Is there something wrong with us? Are we different?

Yes, that is absolutely correct. We are all different and totally unique, and we all have our own special individual requirements, based on our body type, our previous history, our likes and dislikes, our job, our stress level and our energy output.

Biochemical individuality explains why one person can tolerate a particular food and another will be smitten by it. Why one person can smoke all their life and be seemingly unaffected whilst another will die of lung cancer at twenty. The acceptance of this concept of individuality is very important because it can help us to stop constantly comparing ourselves to others : wondering why it works for them and not for us.

If it doesn’t work for you it’s because it’s not right for you! You need to stop comparing, be open-minded, and find out what special requirements your body has at any given time, and if at first you don’t succeed … try again!

Why Are We So Individual?

Our individual personalities are moulded largely according to our parental situation and circumstances in the womb and in early childhood. Genetically we are reproduced according to the combined gene structure of our parents and we will inherit many of their genetic and emotional strengths and weaknesses.

Our Genetic Inheritance

The strength of our bodies is greatly influenced by the emotional and physical well-being of our mother during pregnancy. If a mother is under emotional stress or nutritionally deficient at this time it will have a direct result on the fetus. For example stress initiates the release of many hormones which will cross the placenta and exert an effect on the child. Similarly if her diet was poor or if she smoked or drank alcohol or caffeine this too will affect the fetus. An alarming and insidious problem which is just surfacing is the toxic effect caused by a mother’s amalgam fillings.

The poisoning from these substances has been shown to have an even greater impact on the fetus than on the mother. In 1983 one in twelve children was born with a physical abnormality. This is why it is so important to prepare for pregnancy by adopting excellent eating habits, supplements if necessary, and relaxation.

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