Fish Oils: As good as statins at reducing heart disease!

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By Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

According to an article in the Lancet, 2007;369:1090- Fish Oil Supplements may not prevent a fatal Heart Attack, but they will dramatically reduce your chances of developing heart problems

A new Japanese study has found that they were just as effective as statin drugs, and offered a similar level of protection.

The study - the Japan EPA Lipid Intervention Study (JELIS) - is interesting on several counts. It exclusively involves Japanese people, whose fish intake is on average far higher than that in the West, and the researchers were testing at higher levels of supplementation than have ever before been monitored.

They found that those who ate around two servings a week of fish were getting all the protection they needed against fatal Heart Attack. For these people it seemed that taking extra supplementation on top didn’t make a lot of difference

However, they did find that those same people who supplemented their fish diet with an extra 900 mg of Omega 3 daily reduced their chances of developing non-fatal heart problems by around 9 per cent.

The study, which involved 18,645 participants with high Cholesterol levels who were randomly given either a supplement or a statin, is the first to confirm that high dosages have a protective effect against Heart Disease.

Earlier studies from the West were unable to find any benefit because they were testing at far lower levels.

Well, this is just another instance that proves how the general public are being forced to endure the damaging side effects of statins when there are real alternatives.

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