Are Supplements Necessary

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Researchers, physicians and individuals have a variety of opinions about whether or not nutritional supplements are necessary in order to achieve our health goals. And if we do take nutritional supplements how much is necessary? How do you know which ones are necessary and how do you get the most bang for your buck?

Vitamins and minerals are necessary in order to maintain every part of our living body from the tiniest cell to the largest organ. Through a series of complicated metabolic reactions that requires specific nutrients the human body is able to function optimally and with little to no disease.

In theory we should be able to get all of the nutrients we need by eating a healthy diet. Our ancestors that it. But the nutrients in the soil has been depleted from years and years of pesticides and pollution as well and is over planting. The result of this is that the food we eat is less nutritious than the food our grandparents once ate. In addition to that, the majority of individuals also consume large amounts of packaged in processed foods which have little to no vital nutrients.

When considering nutritional supplementation individuals should know that the words supplement means a nutrients or a group of nutrients that are meant to supplements, but not substitute, for a healthy diet. In other words the vitamins and minerals you take will not overcome a diet based on processed and manufactured foods while drinking a liter of Coke a day.

Nutritional supplements will come in a variety of forms from Pills, capsules, powders, liquid and even in gel form. Most people probably do not need a general vitamin and mineral supplement if they are eating a reasonably are very diet and don’t restrict calories to lose weight. You don’t have to be a perfect either and taking extra supplements will not add extra energy. At working on a sleep deprived schedule will require more rest and not a group of vitamin B supplements.

In a large nutritional survey conducted in 1994 researchers found that most American women were only getting half of the daily recommended allowance of fully gas it in their diet. This information is eye-opening because folate has said has been added as a nutritional supplement to cereals and brads in order to improve the amount of folic acid which young women of childbearing age should have in order to decrease the risk of having a child with a neural tube defect.

Choosing the supplements that you wish to use for your own particular lifestyle takes a bit of evaluation of your own individual eating habits. In America the USDA has created A Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamins and minerals based on an individual’s age and sex. The numbers are based on the lowest amount needed to prevent disease caused by deficiency. For example, vitamin C is recommended between 45 and 90 mg which is just enough to prevent scurvy but not necessarily exactly how much an individual needs to maintain optimal health.

If an evaluation of your own lifestyle to determine which vitamins and minerals are deficient in your diet is something that is beyond your current abilities then an over all high quality multivitamin and mineral complex designed specifically for your sex is something which will help to improve your overall health.

Try to avoid generic brands or inexpensive vitamins that can be found at any corner market. Poor quality vitamins usually means that they are not bioavailable and the majority of what you are taking injury or mouse will exit your body through the toilet. In other words, the vitamins are too hard for the body to absorb and they are flushed out with other waste products. Ideally, you should purchase directly from a nutritional professional who sells vitamin and mineral supplements which have a research to back up their bioavailability to the body.

Whether you are interested in doing a thorough evaluation of your own dietary nutritional needs or desire to take a multivitamin and mineral supplement, nutritional supplementation is a necessary parts of maintaining overall health for those who practice of vegan lifestyle or are those who be a standard Western diet.

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