Not the ‘whole’ truth…

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life Natural Supplements

Why is it that some Company’s tell ‘half truths’ in order to sell a supplement? I sometimes wonder is it due to ignorance or simply greed? To give an example. I came across an article in today with the headline…A ‘Live Longer’ Supernutrient!

So, naturally I read it. They were talking about Vitamin D being the supernutrient! Fair enough, there is no doubt that Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, but, what annoyed me was their assertion…”you should faithfully pop a vitamin D supplement as well, because you need more D than Mother Nature — or your diet — can probably provide.”

They then went on to promote a supplement with 1,200 mgs of Calcium (of an unspecified form) and 400IU of Vitamin D (on an unspecified type). That’s OK, but why mislead consumers by suggesting that Mother Nature cannot supply enough Vitamin D? What nonsense. One reasonable session of sun exposure will give you between 10,000 - 20,000IU’s of Vitamin D. In other words up to 50 days worth of supplementation!

If you tried to take that much in a supplement you would risk vitamin D toxicity. Vitamin D is stored in the body’s fatty tissues and is released as needed. So, if you get good exposure in the summertime the amount of Vitamin D you store in your body will likely last you though winter.

Taking a supplement with 400IU of Vitamin D is a good idea so I don’t have a problem with that although it should be combined with other nutrients. What I have a problem with on this occasion is this article suggesting that you ‘probably’ cannot get enough Vitamin D from Mother Nature.

This article reinforces the point that you should not believe everything you read on the internet. I had an issue with realage a few years ago when they wrote an article about Propecia suggesting that it was good for women losing their hair. The truth is that this drug which is for men is dangerous to women, and even if a woman touchs a Propecia pill when they are pregnant they run the risk of doing some harm to the newborn child.

I wrote to realage about that but never had the courtesy of a reply. I rarely look at their articles now. It is sad given they have such a big following that they cannot be a bit more responsible. To look at the article I am referring to please click here -

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