New Toxic Side Effects of Nicotine & How to Beat Them - As Seen on The View

Even as a child you were likely told that smoking was bad for you! It is common knowledge in today’s society both smoking and secondhand smoke are extremely damaging to your body. A new scientific study points the finger, no longer just at the toxic chemicals you find in cigarettes, but also at nicotine itself, the addictive component in tobacco.

Released by the University Hospital Magdeburg of Germany, this recent study revealed that nicotine in the bloodstream is a direct cause of Atrial Fibrosis, a condition which causes arrhythmias and is directly linked to Congenital Heart Failure.

“So far, the effects of nicotine on the blood vessels have been extensively studied,” remarked Dr. Andreas Goette, lead author of the report, “but good data about direct cardiac effects of nicotine in patients was missing.”

In an attempt to provide that data, Goette’s study shows that nicotine itself, while often thought of only as the addictive ingredient in cigarettes and not the toxic ingredient, can significantly harm the functions and overall health of the heart. This new perspective is very interesting when we consider how people choose to quit smoking.

Addiction is a very serious epidemic facing our society today, and nicotine is one of the most common addictions out there. Of the more than 46 million Americans who smoke, an estimated 438,000 Americans die each year of smoking-related diseases, according to the American Lung Association.

Quitting any addiction, whether to alcohol, prescription medications or nicotine, involves an intense process that takes both psychological and physical willpower. And there are countless programs, medications and techniques marketed to help you overcome your addiction.

But this recent study on nicotine raises the question – is there a right or wrong way to quit? In the case of cigarettes, most of the products sold to help you quit smoking actually contain nicotine. These include an assortment of gum, patches and nicotine inhalers. Through a process of gradually reducing the amounts of nicotine you ingest, eventually the idea is that you can wean yourself off the nicotine completely over time.

But since the nicotine itself is still extremely hazardous to both your heart and other parts of your cardiovascular system, is this really such a good idea? Ingesting nicotine on a daily basis for months after you have quit can still be physically damaging. It is also important to consider that these products have not been proven any more effective than non-nicotine methods of helping you break the cigarette habit.

The healthiest way to quit smoking is by going cold-turkey. However, this is often also the hardest, as withdrawal symptoms become a factor, and dealing with nicotine cravings can be exceptionally hard.

There are however, natural products that can help you can quit smoking by going cold-turkey. Herbal remedies can help you deal with the most difficult part of quitting smoking, such as the irritability, anxiousness and of course the dreaded cravings for nicotine, which can pop-up at any time out of nowhere.

Native Remedies has a combination of three products that work together to help you break your nicotine addiction naturally. Crave-RX is specially formulated to help control cravings and make quitting smoking naturally much easier. When Crave-RX is combined with Rx-Hale and Triple Complex NicoTonic Tablets, they provide the maximum benefit during nicotine withdrawal.

* Rx-Hale Tablets - help prepare your body for nicotine withdrawal before you begin
* Crave-Rx Drops - help reduce cravings and control your appetite to prevent weight gain during nicotine withdrawal
* Triple Complex NicoTonic Tablets - help to reduce the side effects experienced during nicotine withdrawal

Herbal Remedies can also help you overcome other addictions, including addictions to prescription medications, which have become more prevalent as over-prescribing continues to run rampant throughout the medical and psychiatric professions.

Oftentimes, these addictions start out with a trip to the doctor to find a solution to chronic anxiety, pain or low energy. And, all-too-often doctors attempt to treat these conditions using prescriptions to anti-anxiety medications, opiate painkillers and amphetamines. Over time, patients may develop a physical dependence on these addictive drugs and become unable to function without it.

Herbal remedies can help by not only alleviating the withdrawal symptoms associated with the cessation of using these drugs, but they can also work to eventually take the place of them. Whether you’re treating an addiction to anxiety, pain or any other medication, there are all kinds of herbal supplements that can help ease the transition from chemical dependency into a natural treatment for your condition.

There is no better way to break the cycle of addiction than through a natural approach that makes it easier for your body to cope with withdrawal and rebound back to stable health!

“Crave-Rx really works! As a veteran smoker and aspirant quitter I was constantly on some program or other to help me to kick the habit. Needless to say that my family had come to believe that I would never succeed. By nature I do not like to give up and so I kept trying, encouraged by my doctor who put me on one program after the other due to the terrible effect the cigarettes were having on my health. All of them contained nicotine in some form - tablets, sprays, gum, gel, patches, you name it! They all helped a bit, but as soon as I started to cut back on the products, I began to smoke again. When I read about your program and the fact that it contained no nicotine products I was prepared to give it a try, which was a good decision on my part as even my doctor was skeptical! I have not looked back and after 14 weeks I am using Crave-Rx only a few times a week. At first it was my lifesaver and I went everywhere with the bottle! Now I am using the drops less and less and can even go a whole day without once thinking of cigarettes. For a guy who smoked more than 20 a day for 15 years, I would say that is very impressive! I will continue to use the Rx-Hale tablets every day for a few more months as recommended. Thank you Native Remedies!” —Mike G

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