Neurological Problems

Question: from Chris

I wonder if you have had any feedback concerning the Neuro-Natural series and Multiple Sclerosis.

Although my partner shows multiple scarring in both the brain and the spinal cord, we have pushed the MD’s and also confirmed that she is suffering from VasoVegal syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

From past trials, we have found that SAMe has a very strong positive result in stabilising her moods/emotions.

One of her major difficulties is getting sufficient sleep as she is continually being woken with bladder incontinence. The other major issues surround visual disturbances, balance and severe neuropathic pain coming from her legs. She is also very sensitive to small changes in hot/cold, although acupuncture will balance this, it doesn’t “hold”.

She has refused the drug path, with the exception of Low Dose Naltrexone, and that, with exercise, chiropractic, physio- and hydro-therapy has caused her last MRI scans to show signs of re-myelination. She is also taking 15mg DHEA.

We are not looking for a “magic bullet” but rather, something to support and perhaps re-stabilise her brain/memory/cognitive function.

Thus, I’m looking for a suggestion as to which of the 4 Neuro Natural series would be the more appropriate.. or, in fact, whether it may be beneficial to get 2 or 3 of them and alternate them in making the recommended daily dosage.

Any experience-based advice would be appreciated; we’ve tried lots of supplements but until I came upon your site, I haven’t seen a single capsule with so many of the things we’ve tried in it … it got to the stage where I was blending a number of tablets/capsules and making my own Rx.

Comment: from Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

Joanna will answer this in detail. However, I would like to add a quick comment. There is mounting evidence that Fibromyalgia in many instances related to Vitamin D deficiency and can be greatly helped by sensible sunlight exposure in preference to high dose Vitamin D. I would strongly suggest that in addition to Joanna’s proposed protocol that you try to encourage your partner to get some all over sun exposure. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Answer: from Joanna, medical nutritionist for Xtend-Life

Ok, concentrating on the 3 semi-related conditions I have looked at ingredients and mg dosages, and I would suggest the following regime for your partner:

Neuro-Natural Memory at 6 per day (this is most appropriate version at this stage as its ingredients mg dosages are most beneficial out of the 4 for these types of nervous system disorders, plus the major neurological benefits you are aiming for - cognitive, memory and brain function improvement). I would suggest a re-evaluation 4-6 months on, so we can look at progression, dosages and if anything needs changing.

Total Balance Unisex at 6 per day (this contains additional ingredients helpful to the nervous system, plus will help with an increase of immunity, systemic and organ strength - as well as protection - antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories).

Omega 3/DHAs to help reduce even nerve-related inflammation and help additionally with neurological function.

Finally, if the vasovagal syndrome is problematic then you could add Cardio-Klenz to help further with this. I would advise initially at 4 per day, and re-evaluate after 2-3 months.

Additionally to our formulas, she could add lecithin to her diet (1 tbsp 3 x day on food in granule form)

The symptoms of sleep disturbance and leg pain are contributory from these conditions. However they are also found as common side effects from Naltrexone, so this may be something to discuss with her doctor.

With the help of the above regime you may find that some or all of these symptoms reduces or eliminates and she may be able to come off the Naltrexone in time. So initially I would see how she gets on with this and re-evaluate after the initial intakes.

It is OK to take the above supplements with this drug so long as there is a gap of around 3+ hours between taking it and any supplements.

One final thing is a note on our GLM-Omega 3 Plus and Arthrit-Eze formulas. If her muscular aches and pains, stiffness, etc, becomes more of a specific problem, then a further option would be to swap the current suggested Omega 3 / DHAs for our GLM-Omega 3 Plus formula. This contains Green Lipped Mussel which may help with the aches and pains side.

If this problem is or becomes particularly severe, in addition to this swap over, she could also add Arthrit-Eze for more potent anti-inflammatory action but I would not add that to the current proposed regime. Rather I would wait and see how she gets on and reassess after 3 – 4 months.

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