Natural Care For Burns and Scalds

For Teas, the rule of thumb is, one teaspoon of herb per cup of boiling water unless otherwise noted.

Unless otherwise noted, steep leaves 5 to 10 minutes in a covered container, twigs, bark and roots, steep 10 to 15 minutes (covered).

Aloe Vera - the juice from the leaves is applied directly on the burn.

Bilberry - Spread berry extract on cleansed skin and cover with a cotton bandage.

Bittersweet - for burns and scalds bathe with extract from the year old greenish brown shoots (or purchase extract). Note, for general skin toning, purchase extract and take a teaspoonful in a little water (this helps the body to Eliminate Toxins).

Burdock - bruise the leaves, combine with egg whites and make a poultice to apply to the burn.

Chickweed - can be used by Bruising the leaves and creating a poultice, extracting the juice and applying it to the burn, or by boiling a couple handfuls of the herb in 2 quarts of water for 10 minutes, then cooled and used as a wash.

Comfrey - the entire plant can be used, mash to a pulp, and apply as a poultice to the burn.

Echinacea- extract from the root… bruised leaves as a poultice

Golden Seal - the powdered root is used in a wash (note: Golden Seal will stain)

Houseleek - (also known as stone crop or Jupiter’s eye, not a member of the allium family) use the juice from the leaves or bruised leaves as a poultice to apply to the burn.

Hyssop - bruise the herb and apply as a poultice

Marshmallow - the juice from the root, and bruised leaves from the plant are used with egg white to make an adhesive poultice which soothes an cleanses the burn.

Nettle- a tincture (herb is soaked in alcohol for 14 days, then filtered, some also add Glycerin mainly as a preservative to prevent evaporation) is made with the herb which then can be used to apply to the burn to take away pain.

Plantain- a poultice is made by mashing the leaves and then applying to the burn. Note some folks keep a mucilage by boiling the seeds, straining and cooling.

Slippery Elm - Tea is used as a soothing wash or can be used as a poultice

Tansy - 1 teaspoon of herb per one pint water, infuse for 5 or 6 minutes and drink as a tea. The strained herb can also be directly applied to sunburn. Note this tea is mainly a good general Toner for the skin, and is not considered to be as strong a relief as the other remedies listed on this page.

Yarrow - 1 teaspoon of the herb boiled in 1 cup of water for 15 minutes, strained, cooled then used as a wash for the burn.

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