A Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Supplement that truly works

Almost all of us are aware of the nutrient deficiencies in our modern diet.  Even those of us who truly strive to eat healthy by buying fresh organic produce still come up ’short’ when it comes to having adequate essential nutrients on a daily basis. This is because of mineral deficiencies in the soil, environmental pollution, modern farming methods, transportation and storage.  Nutrients in fresh plants degrade very rapidly.  No industrialised country in the world is free from these issues!

Xtend-Life Multi-Xtra is a natural multi vitamin/supplement using only the finest natural vitamins available on the market today.  Some manufacturers call the vitamins they use in their products ‘whole food’ vitamins, but that is somewhat misleading.  They are natural but they are grown using bio-technology and are not extracted directly from plants.  What is important is that we do NOT use vitamins which are derived from petrochemicals.  Unfortunately many of the mass produced multi vitamin/mineral products on the market, are produced from petrochemicals which means that they are only minimally effective.

Multi-Xtra contains 48 bio-available ingredients. Unlike a ‘normal’ multi it contains much more than just a basic vitamin/mineral mix.  This is necessary, because, to maximize the efficacy of vitamins and minerals they must:

Be combined with other co-factors…such as Piperine to improve bio-availability. 
Contain digestive enzymes
Include trace minerals such as Strontium
Include a methylating agent such as Tri-Methyl Glycine
Include anti-oxidants

Important Note: Multi-Xtra is probably the best multi vitamin/mineral supplement in the world and undoubtedly provides the best value for money available anywhere.  However, it should not be confused with our Total Balance range.  The Total Balance range of products are far more advanced than a normal multi-vitamin/mineral supplement…even one as advanced as Multi-Xtra.


What are the main benefits of Xtend-Life Multi-Xtra?
Multi-Xtra was developed to cater for those customers who are for whatever reason not using Total Balance.  Multi-Xtra is one of the very few ‘complete’ multi’s on the market today. Multi-Xtra provides a broad spectrum of the best form of essential nutrients at a low cost.

How does Xtend-Life Multi-Xtra compare with other ‘Multi’ products on the market?
The biggest differences are in the form of vitamins used.  For example, we use only the best natural forms of ingredients.  These are the most expensive forms but they provide the best efficacy.  They are ‘grown’ rather than being a derivative of petrochemicals.  This is often not the case with cheap mass produced multi’s. For instance the Vitamin B2 is a special form of Riboflavin-5-Phosphate which is around 10 times as expensive as the ordinary B2.  We also use Calcium D-Glucarate which is a very effective cancer preventative.  This ingredient is around 5 times as expensive as normal ‘calcium’ salts.

If I don’t feel any immediate effects, am I still getting the benefits from this product?
Definitely yes! Your cells and organs are getting the benefit even if you can’t feel these benefits in the short-term.

The nutrients are doing their jobs in all parts of the body. This is occurring at a cellular level so you may be totally unaware of it.

How do I take Multi-Xtra?
For the best results we suggest that you follow our recommended protocol of 2 tablets per day, which equates to 1 bottle per month. Ideally this would be combined with our Omega 3/DHA Fish Oil at 2 soft gels per day.  This makes a good basic daily nutrient program for general health improvement and protection.

Multi-Xtra can also be used as additional support in combination with any other Xtend-Life product other than the Total Balance range, which already contains all the nutrients that are included in Multi-Xtra.

Can you tell me more about the ingredients in Multi-Xtra?

Full info on our ingredients can be found on the Ingredients page, together with clinical studies and further information. All ingredients have their individual benefits, but it is only possible to achieve optimum results and long-term longevity when formulated together in specific quantities and ratios. When combined synergistically, studies have shown that the effectiveness of nutrients can be increased by as much as fifteen times!

Is it possible that I could feel any bad effects after I start taking Multi-Xtra?
This is highly unlikely unless you are sensitive to any of the ingredients.  If taken with food this reduces the possibility of any stomach discomfort.

Why is the Vitamin E Dosage in the Multi-Xtra only 100 IU (50 mg) whereas some multi’s use a higher dose?
Most long-term human supplementation studies show benefits at a daily Vitamin E intake at 100IU.

Because Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin it is important not to ingest high levels on a regular basis.  The amounts of Vitamin E that we use are still within the clinically proven beneficial range.

It should be noted that we only use the natural form of Vitamin E, which has greater benefits than synthetic Vitamin E. Additionally, we also use a broad spectrum Tocotrienol which is another form of Vitamin E. This significantly improves the potency of basic Vitamin E.  It is rare to find Tocotrienols in a multi because of the cost. 

I am a highly allergic person, especially to shrimp and other shell fish… Will Multi-Xtra affect me?

There are no shellfish derived ingredients in Multi-Xtra. However, if you have an allergy to sulfur then you should be aware that it does contain MSM.  MSM is an excellent ingredient which provides essential sulfur.  However, if you can eat an egg which contains sulfur you will be OK with this product.

Will Multi-Xtra help with allergies such as hay fever, pollen etc?
It is highly likely that you will notice a real benefit.  Many of these allergies are thought to be due to specific nutrient deficiencies which Multi-Xtra helps correct.

Will Multi-Xtra interfere with prescription medications?

As with all supplements caution must be applied if you are on medications of any sort, but it is unlikely that this product will cause any problem.
If you are using prescription drugs please let your health professional know that you are using this product.  It is very rare that they will object, but play it safe and let them know.

I am taking other nutritional supplements and natural medications. Is this OK?

Generally yes.  If you are taking additional supplements it may be a good idea to consider ‘upgrading’ to one of the Total Balance range. Using Total Balance usually eliminates the need for the taking any additional supplements, other than when a specific problem is to be addressed, and even that is usually unnecessary and doesn’t make economic sense unless you have been diagnosed with a specific deficiency.

There are risks associated with taking high doses of certain vitamins and minerals.  E.g., high doses of vitamin C can actually contribute to the production of free radicals.

The levels of vitamins and minerals contained in Multi-Xtra are normally sufficient for most people, even if you are on a less than optimal diet.  There would be no benefit in taking additional vitamins and minerals, although other specialized nutrients found in Total Balance would be beneficial.  4

What else can I do to help myself?
To reach optimum health it is always important to combine a generally healthy lifestyle with any supplement regime.  Even moderate exercise, is proven to be beneficial to our immune system, heart, muscles, circulation, joints and reproductive system.  A healthy and balanced diet of complete vitamins, minerals, essential enzymes, amino acids and trace elements is also essential and will help to keep your heart healthy and optimize your overall health.

Learn more about the benefits and ingredients of Multi-Xtra here.

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