Throat Cancer Survival Rate

Approximately 34,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each and every year in the United States alone. For those individuals, and those who live worldwide, survival statistics are compiled to give physicians and sufferers an overall look at what they can expect.

Survival rates will depend upon the individual’s overall health, age, the stage of the cancer and the grade of the tumor. At some point survival rates will also depend upon the skills of the oncologists, the surgeon and the ability of the patient to locate effective treatment options. Fortunately, there are survivors with all types of cancers, from all stages and all tumor grade. Individuals are able to beat their odds of any particular cancer based upon the previous factors as well is their willingness to comply with treatment options or investigate treatment options on their own.

Standard statistical information indicates that early-stage throat cancer has a 90% cure rate, cancer that has spread to surrounding tissue has a 50 to 60% cure rate and that which has metastasized facing incurable. But, before giving up entirely remember that there are new and emerging treatments which continue to be in clinical trials, there are better treatments developed in other parts of the world and not yet available in the United States and there are effective treatments that have not yet undergone scientific study and can be found in the health food store.

Oral cancer is a catchall term for a variety of head and neck cancers that are usually squamous cell in type. Squamous cell tumors have the ability to develop rapidly. If these types of cancer cells are caught early the success and cure rate is fairly high. However, it is exceptionally difficult for oral cancer is to be diagnosed in their early stages.

Each of the different types of oral cancer all come with their own survival rates and statistical analyses of your rates. Oral cancers can include the mouth, lips, tongue, cheeks, gums and floor of the mouth. Lip cancer usually occurs on the inside or the outside surface of the lips. Oral pharyngeal cancer is found on the back one third of the tongue and the area around the tonsils. Nasopharyngeal cancer is found behind the nose and the upper section of the nasopharynx, just behind the mouth.

Laryngeal cancer starts in the larynx, located in the front of the neck, in the region of the Adam’s apple. And paraspinal sign of cancer and nasal cancer will develop in the small spaces in the nose, passageways for air moving to the throat during breathing. Oral cancers also includes cancers of the salivary glands, thyroid glands and parathyroid glands.

Individuals who are willing to become involved in their treatment protocols as well and do their own investigative work, have a higher rate of survival. Treatment for any skin cancer will include nutrition, exercise and emotional support. Finding a good throat cancer support group will help to reduce anxiety and fear as well as improve emotional support-all of which are extremely important in the fight against cancer cells.

The individuals who suffer from throat cancer should proactively find the doctor and hospital who have the best track record of treating throat and oral cancer. Become familiar with the side effects of the medications and treatment protocols, home remedies that may improve your survival rate, clinical trials which may be available, financial and insurance information that will help determine the type of treatments available and any alternative treatments that may help increase survival rates.

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