What Is The Connection Between Chlorophyll And Bad Breath?

You have been told time and again that you should chew parsley to overcome bad breath. Perhaps you have even eyed the restaurant garnish on your plate, but somehow or other, it just didn’t look all that appetizing. After all, what could possibly be gained by following up a good meal with nasty tasting parsley? Well, if you suffer from bad breath – and the odds are good that you do – parsley is actually a well known remedy in the fight against the putrid smells coming from your oral cavity.

At the root of the matter is chlorophyll, a chemical compound that is found in each green leaf. As a matter of fact, it is the very agent that causes leaves to turn green in the first place. Within plants, it serves to transform sunlight into energy the plant can use; when ingested by humans, it has the effect of cleansing the body and neutralizing odors. Additionally, it promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

This of course explains why chlorophyll laden parsley is such a frequently mentioned substance. Not only will the ingestion of this plant help your digestive health and overall wellbeing, but it will also neutralize the odors found in the mouth. In some cases it has been discovered that ineffective digestion of food leads to partially whole foods that putrefy in the digestive tract rather than being broken down. This inevitably leads to foul smells that escape via the throat and mouth.

Since chlorophyll aids in digestion and gastric workings, the foods that are not properly digested are reduced to a bare minimum. Osteopaths are known to strongly urge their patients to take chlorophyll supplements prior to eating, and then again when having finished enjoying their meal. While without the supplements this might translate into an awful lot of parsley, with the supplements this is as easy as swallowing two to four capsules with a glass of water.

Of course, while you may have escaped the need to chew on your parsley, there are some downsides to the use of chlorophyll supplements. For one, dosages that will work for you vary, and what might be a useful dosage for your friends or family members might not work for you. Secondly, and those who are a bit squeamish cite this as the most common reason, the presence of chlorophyll in your gut will turn your feces green.

To some, this is quite a shock, and there are those consumers who simply cannot deal with the side effects. Mind you, this is not dangerous and does not hint at an unhealthy imbalance of any kind, but it can be somewhat disconcerting nonetheless.

If you are ready to give the natural odor neutralizer a try, opt for high quality caplets that contain a higher concentration of chlorophyll. Observe the expiration date, since this is an organic compound, and they do have the tendency to go bad past their expiration dates, or at least greatly decrease in effectiveness. Ask your holistic practitioner for a recommendation with respect to brands and dosages.

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