UTI in Men – Causes, Symptoms and Natural Treatments of Male Urinary Infection

UTI or urinary tract infection is often defined as the infection of the urinary tract system caused by proliferation of certain type of microbes. The infection usually occurs in the pathways of the urine, it starts from kidney, to ureters, to the bladder up to the urethra.

UTI develops first as cystitis – a not severe but painful swelling around the area of bladder, up to the stage wherein particular severe infections to the kidney have the higher chance of occurrence.

Urinary tract infection occurs when there is an incomplete emptying of the urine very so often from the bladder. The simplest way to maintain the hygiene to avoid any bacteria to settle in the urinary tract is to pour out all the urine totally and this should be done on a regular basis.

Some men have difficulty in urinating due to factors which may include enlarged prostate as well as the narrowing of the urethra. Some of the UTI’s causes can also be brought about by certain kinds of neurological circumstances such as multiple sclerosis, any kind of spinal damage as well as spina bifida.

Tumor in the urinary tract can also cause UTI as well as the occurrence of bladder reflux disease wherein the valves that connect the bladder and ureter tubes have been damaged and produces leaking. The use of contaminated hospital equipment such as catheters and stints are also among important factors that cause UTI in men.

The upper and lower parts of the urinary tract, when infected manifest different set of symptoms. The upper part is mainly composed of both the kidneys and ureters while the lower portion consists of bladder and urethra. The most evident symptoms of the lower urinary tract infection is the extreme burning sensation especially when it comes to urinating. You may also feel the urge to urinate very frequently.

Visible physical signs of UTI are the presence of murky and foul-smelling urine. In the majority of older individuals, incontinence or the inability to control the urge to urinate as well as pronounced confusion is observable symptoms among them. The individuals who suffer from upper urinary tract infection may experience fever, shaking of the body as well as pain in the loin area.

If the case of UTI is already severe, a potent kind of antibiotic will be needed to kill the micro organisms that are creeping around the urinary tract system. It is important to treat this right away because in the event that you take for granted its symptoms, it can damage your kidney.

One of the natural treatments for the UTI is the intake of cranberry juice. This natural method has been around already for so many years and it proves to be very potent and effective in the fight against UTI. The chemical substance in the cranberry which is called “proanthocyanins” stops the bacteria from staying within the area of the urinary tract.

The use of “Uva ursi” which is a  herb, marshmallow roots, goldenseal, as well as the use of horsetail are said to be additional natural  ways of killing the bacteria that triggers the UTI among men. Also, make a habit of drinking lots of water as it will wash away directly any bacteria that lurk around the urinary tract system.

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