Prostate Cancer…one of man’s greatest enemies!

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life Natural Supplements

Imagine this… You are visiting your doctor for the second time because you have been experiencing some discomfort which prompted you to go and see him a couple of weeks earlier so he could do some tests.

He sits you down and with a very serious look he regrets to inform you that you have prostate cancer. After you recover from the initial shock you discuss what your options are. None of them look good and with the treatments offered, there is a high probability that you will lose your manhood and virility.

With this shattering news you head home, have a good stiff drink and then after settling down a bit you go to your computer and start researching the subject of prostate cancer.

What you find is really disturbing:

Around a ¼ of all men who are diagnosed each year with cancer have prostate cancer.

You find that prostate cancer is one of the deadliest diseases amongst men, now being the most common non-skin cancer in America. In 2005 to date over 232,000 men have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and over 30,000 deaths are estimated as a result of that figure.

The success rate of conventional medicine cures is estimated at only 20 - 30%, with many negative drug side effects… and these are figures supplied from Glaxo SmithKline a major pharmaceutical company!

Those side effects can include constipation, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, decrease in sexual desire, nausea, trouble in sleeping, bloatedness, indigestion, drowsiness, dryness of mouth, flu-like symptoms.

Surgical and procedural failure rates give no more confidence, with damage to the urethral wall in conventional stricture treatments and thermal tissue damage from laser or electrocautery treatments.

But… what really gets to you, after spending hours and hours researching the subject is that if you had been given the correct knowledge years ago you could have very likely avoided becoming one of these frightening statistics.

You have found that there are many natural substances that are known to be effective in reducing the risk of prostate cancer… for example, Querticin, Grape seed and various other herbal extracts and nutrients.

In addition, you have also found out that years ago when you first started to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom that you possibly could have reversed that need by using Beta Sitosterol or Saw Palmetto in conjunction with other nutrients.

OK… this is all very well, but you can’t turn the clock back, so what can you do? If you are in this unfortunate position and have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, sadly I cannot offer any solutions. It is a very hard disease to reverse once started. However, having said that, I have heard of cases where patients have kept it under control for many years.

My suggestion would be to research and further research the subject. Talk to experts on prostate cancer and don’t take everything that your Doctor tells you at face value. Check everything out. If you are not satisfied with the answers and you wish to consider possible natural protocols it may be an idea to contact a doctor with the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. They are in 30 countries. Many of these doctors combine the best of conventional and natural complementary medicine.

If you haven’t got prostate cancer:

Then you should be doing everything you can to make sure you don’t get it. Prostate cancer along with all cancers are generally preventable IF you take steps early enough. In simple terms this means ensuring that your body has enough essential nutrients early enough in life to give your cells the ammunition to prevent them mutating into cancer cells.

Even though there are some groups of people who still claim that you can get all the nutrients your cells need via your diet, the reality is something quite different, no matter how good your diet is. The problem gets worse as you get older because not only do you tend to eat less but your body does not process the nutrients in your food as efficiently as it did when you were younger.

There really is only one way to ensure that you get these essential nutrients and that is to take quality supplements. The challenge is to know what to supplement with.

For protection against all forms of cancer you need to take a wide range of nutrients. For example, a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals (but in modest amounts), plus a broad spectrum of amino acids, trace elements, herbal extracts and specialty nutrients such as DIM 3,3′ (diindolylmethane) which is the active ingredient found in Broccoli…

Long time subscribers to my articles know that the best overall broad spectrum multi-nutrient supplement is our own Total Balance by far.

Is this on its own enough to prevent prostate cancer? If you take it early enough in life… yes… very likely. However, if you want to be really sure that you are doing everything you possibly can then I would suggest that you add to your Total Balance regime our Male Rejuvenator which has some very powerful anti-prostate nutrients in it. It can be taken at a half dose if it is combined with Total Balance.

It may also help your level of nighttime comfort if you have an enlarged prostate.

Side effects… hmm… yes it does have one! If you are sexually active you will likely notice a difference in your level of sexual pleasure and also your libido and desire. In fact, on our preliminary trials with this product we found that the majority of our subjects experienced this benefit. So much so, that if you want to try it for this purpose alone and have the anti-prostate cancer benefits as a side benefit, we have put together a special package for you.

In a nutshell if you don’t feel the benefits within 15 days we will give you a full refund including shipping. There are a few conditions but they are minimal.

I have personally been following the protocol that we recommend. If you go ahead, let me know how you get on.

In good health,

Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life Natural Supplements

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