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End Erectile Dysfunction

How to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Without Dangerous Medications

Maintaining Pleasure is a combination of proven sex therapy techniques and hypnosis (which has a 75% success rate on its own). It is the most powerful way for you to overcome Erectile Dysfunction available today without a prescription.Guaranteed.

The Problem

If you are having problems getting or maintaining an erection, you probably are confused as to what to do about it. You might ask yourself: Is it a physical problem? Is it all in my head? Should I get a prescription?

One thing is for sure, not being able to get and maintain an erection can have a devastating effect on your sex life and overall sense of well being. Not only can this destroy your self confidence, but can also cause insecurity in your partner. These are not the ingredients for a happy relationship.

Most sex therapists agree the causes of Erectile Dysfunction are emotional and not physical

According to Joel Block Ph.D., best selling author and a senior psychologist at The Long Island Jewish Medical Center, most sex therapists agree the causes of Erectile Dysfunction are emotional and not physical.

The physical causes of ED include: vascular, neurological, or hormonal. Of these, by far the most common physical cause is vascular. If you have concerns that your problem is vascular, you should see a urologist (not a general practitioner), and ask for a RIGI Scan.

A practical way to determine if the problem is emotional

A practical way to determine if the problem is emotional (and therefore treatable without medication) is to answer the following questions:

* Do you get an erection while masturbating?
* Do you get an erection while sleeping?
* Do you get erections with one lover and not another?
* Do you get an erection before penetration?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, then the problem is most likely in your head.

What are the Emotional Causes?

The three most common causes of impotence are stress, unhappiness with your partner and performance anxiety. Most of the time it is a combination of these factors as the inability to perform can be stressful and bad for your relationship.

When you focus on your performance, this can start what Dr. Block calls the obsessive cycle. The more you worry about your inability to perform, the more likely you won’t be able to!

The danger is not losing your erection, but what you do when it occurs. If you have been focusing on the problem, then you have turned a short term issue into a long term problem.

Don’t worry, you can break the cycle and become a better lover in the process.

Breaking the Cycle: Ending Erectile Dysfunction

On the first CD in this program, Maintaining Pleasure, you will learn specific techniques from Dr. Block which will break this cycle. He will guide you through the same exercises he has used with hundreds of successful clients in his office.

By the end of Maintaining Pleasure you will not only be able to get and maintain an erection, you will also be a much better lover. You can now truly focus on your partner and not your performance. You will learn to get into what psychologists call the, “Flow State”, a state of mind where you are truly in the moment.

Visualization exercises will guide you through a process that stops stressful thoughts about love making. You will actually see yourself as a good lover. You will also learn sexual breathing exercises. These exercises have been proven over time to dramatically improve sexual performance.

The information on the first CD alone is enough for most people to overcome Erectile Dysfunction. However, in order to make sure you will be completely satisfied, we added proven hypnosis sessions.

Hypnosis and Erectile Dysfunction

It is only natural that you might be skeptical of hypnosis for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Therefore, we are going to point you to two studies:

1. According to the Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology, ED that cannot be linked to physical causes has been successfully treated by hypnosis. In this trial, three out of every four men in the trial were helped.
[Scand J Urol Nephrol 31: pp.271-4, 1997]

2. According to the British Journal of Urology, hypnosis improved the sexual function of men with no organic cause for their impotence at a rate of 80%. The interesting part about this study is that hypnosis outperformed both testosterone and trazodone.

[Aydin S et al. Efficacy of testosterone, trazodone and hypnotic suggestion in the treatment of non-organic male sexual dysfunction. Br J Urol 1996 Feb; 77(2):256-60]

On the second CD in this program, Dr. Lonnie Barbach, best selling author and faculty member of the University of California Medical School, will guide you through two hypnosis sessions that will reinforce the most important lesson from Dr. Block’s techniques CD: Being able to focus on your partner and not your performance.

More specifically, through powerful hypnotic stories (know as Ericksonian hypnosis) your subconscious mind will help you experience sexual sensations and your partner completely.

Don’t be surprised if you find these sessions highly erotic, this is a positive in the case of Erectile Dysfunction.

Why Choose This Program

First of all, it works:

“Dr. Block explains how to easily apply effective, research-based techniques. His style is engaging and supportive. This approach will help men and their partners enhance their intimate time together. I heartily recommend this CD.”

– Sherry Henig, Ph.D., clinical psychologist.

Secondly, you will not find it anywhere else. Dr. Block and Dr. Barbach created this program exclusively for The Hypnosis Network.

And finally, whenever you buy any kind of hypnosis program, you need to be very careful about its source. Hypnosis is an unregulated profession, and there are plenty of people out there selling hypnosis products of questionable value.

At The Hypnosis Network, every one of our therapists has a doctorate in a health care discipline. All are world-leading experts in their field.

Overcome ED Completely Risk Free

We offer a full year’s money back guarantee because we want you to KNOW that ordering from us is completely risk free. If you don’t think the results are worth the money you paid, simply ask us for a full refund on the purchase price.

Maintaining Pleasure is a 2-CD program:


* Dr. Block guides you through proven techniques for overcoming Erectile Dysfunction.


* Dr. Barbach guides you through two hypnosis sessions, helping you learn to achieve full arousal in sexual intimacy. Through the elegant use of metaphor, the first session distracts your conscious mind while allowing for unconscious resources to emerge. The second session is shorter and reinforces the first session.

Read more about Maintaining Pleasure.

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