Less Sleep, More Energy

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“Here’s How To Put Your Sleep Back Into it’s, Natural Energized State, That Will Give You the Extra Energy You Deserve… And You’ll Never Have to Fight With Your Feeling Exhausted Again!”

If You Wake Up Feeling Drowsy And Tired, You’re Most Likely Missing Out On 90% Of The Energy Dormant In Your Sleep That Could Easily Send Your Productivity, Motivation, And Success Through The Roof, Here’s Why:

If you’re like many adults then you probably feel like what little you are accomplishing is ridiculous. You know you’re cut out for more. Do you feel absolutely exhausted at the end of every day? Your sleep really just doesn’t seem as restful as it used to be… You don’t have the energy that you once did.

If there were a way to fix this and awaken feeling like a new person every morning (With LESS sleep) you would want to know about it…

Wouldn’t you?

If you’re like most adults then you probably feel absolutely exhausted by the end of every day… Your sleep probably just doesn’t seem as restful as it used to… If there were a way to fix this and awaken feeling like a new person every morning you would… Wouldn’t you?

Well, as you know… Even though many people drive cars most people don’t really understand in detail how the engine and internals of their car actually works.

That exact same principle holds true about you understanding your sleep.

Just like a car engine your sleep is much more complex on the inside than it would seem at first glance, your sleep is actually a truly a lot more interesting than it looks as well. There’s actually a system that your body uses to fall asleep, and put you through individual sleep stages and processes throughout the night.

In fact most people (including you) probably aren’t even aware of this ‘inner sleep system’ much less the fact that you can actually use it to your advantage!

Of course to do that, you need to discover exactly what your natural cycles are and then learn how to put your body into it’s optimum sleep state…

You see, it’s obvious when things are in a natural state, they function at their best. See, when your ‘inner sleep system’ is in a natural, balanced, powerful state, your sleep heals and energizes your mind and body in an extremely effective way.

When you’re in this state, you sleep better than ever, and then when you wake up you have constant, long lasting energy cycles from first thing in the morning to the time you begin to wind down.

Of course, with all of this new energy you are able to be much more productive because you don’t need to sleep as long as you used to for your body to get all the healing and refreshing rest effects from your sleep!

Once you’ve learned how your sleep cycles work you should be able to cut as much as 3 hours of un-needed, useless sleep from your night…

Can you imagine how much different your life would be if you were to function at 100% of your capacity all day, AND have an extra 3 hours of free time, every day?

The Reality Is That:

Most People Never Even Get Close To Resting This Well, Why?

From my research I can tell you that it’s because in our rapidly changing, stress-filled world, energy deprivation, insomnia, and sleep problems have become so common, you could literally call it an epidemic.

In fact, a report in 2000 compiled by the U.S National Commission on Sleep Disorders shows that almost one out of ten people suffer from some sort of sleep and energy deprivation disorder.

Today, fully half of the adult population complains about sleep and energy problems. What’s most alarming, is that just a few years ago that number was only 1 in 10… Now it’s 5 in 10!

Just from those statistics, that means, in America, as of July 2005, that’s about 29,573,413 people… (29 Million!) have some sort of serious sleeping problem. That’s almost twice the population of most small countries.

The harsh truth is that if you if you live long enough, without properly understanding how your sleep works, you can almost guarantee that you will develop a sleep or energy deficiency. It’s natural, and it affects almost every adult..


Because there are four major processes that happen in your body when you’re sleeping, and when you’re awake… They are absolutely vital to how long you sleep, when you sleep, and how energizing your sleep is. Let me explain…

The first process is called ‘deep sleep’ the name itself is pretty self explanatory, see it’s one of the most energizing and important parts of your sleep, because during deep sleep your immune system turns on, your capillaries (which are like tiny blood vessels) expand, and most of the blood which is stored in your major organs during the day moves out to your muscles to rapidly heal and replenish your body…

You know how you always seem to get a bad cold when you’ve been short on good sleep?

It’s because unless you’re getting quality ‘deep sleep’ your immune system never really kicks into full gear, another reason why it’s so important to get GOOD sleep while you are sick and even more importantly getting good sleep so you stay well…

Deep Sleep is only one of four extremely critical processes that happen while you sleep which are critically important to your health and energy.

Most people are never aware of these processes, and as your life becomes busier, more stressful, and in general more hectic they often become ignored. This causes an unbalanced, and terribly weak ‘inner sleep system’.

So What Does It Mean to You?

For you it means you’re having to wake up drowsy and weak each morning with only a fraction of the energy really available to you during the day, your immune system is low and your body is more prone to sickness and serious diseases.

(It’s almost as if you are robbing yourself of the health and energy you should have! That really doesn’t make sense does it?)

Now, obviously I’m going somewhere with all of this…

And that is simply that you don’t have to worry, you don’t HAVE to wake up tired or “on the wrong side of the bed”… Because there are a set of very easy to follow completely natural methods to put your ‘inner sleep system’ back into a powerful, balanced state, that puts the intense healing and restful power of your sleep into overdrive.

So little people know about these principles, that you could easily call this one of the most simple and powerful secrets for living your life today… See it’s not just about sleeping and waking up in the morning… You’ll be living your life on a whole new level. Rested, full of energy and honestly more joyful every single morning.

In fact, these principles are so powerful, once you apply them, you’ll never feel the constant fatigued feeling that makes you want to drift off to sleep during the day.

What Does ‘Jet-Lag’ Have To Do With Improving Your Sleep?

As another example that I’m sure you’re familiar with; Jet-Lag disturbs your sleep pattern when you fly across several time zones. But, do you know the exact reason why it does?

The exact problem that causes Jet-Lag, once properly understood, is the solution that can enable you to amplify the power of your sleep, to heal and give you refreshing sleep, night, after night…and do it so much more so effectively that you’ll be able to sleep easily 3 hours less than before, so that you can enjoy much more of your life!

So, do you want to:

• Finally get the sleep you’ve always wanted?
• Wake up bursting with energy, with much more motivation and drive?
• Have more time in your life to do more of what you love?
• Drastically improve your productivity and success?
• Put the sizzle and energy back into your dormant love life? :-)
• Improve the over-all health of your body and your immune system?

You’re just moments away from discovering all the simple principles that you enable you to do each of those things. All the answers have been laid out step-by-step for you below.

PS. The best part about all this is that this ’sleep secret’ is completely natural! It doesn’t involve any drugs, sleeping pills, therapy, or outside “aids” whatsoever. Why?

Because it’s all based on you simply becoming aware of certain things you can do to instantly start empowering the four processes that control how energizing your sleep is…

For example, did you know that the level of a certain hormone in your body is all that controls when you fall asleep and how energized you feel in the morning?

The best part is that you can quickly and easily increase that hormones effect on your body in less than a minute a day, while you’re driving to work or having your morning coffee!

(This really is as simple as opening a chest filled with life-changing information, taking it, and applying it in just minutes to create an untold amount of new energy and success in your life…Read on!)

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