Therapies for Osteoarthritis

Therapies for OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease that commonly affects full horror of the different joints in the body- knees, hips, fans and spine. Patients often have pain, swelling discomfort and stiffness in the affected joints however, there is never redness or heat which is associated with other forms of arthritic conditions.

The cause of osteoarthritis has not been conclusively determines as of yet. Researchers believe that prior injuries, genetic factors and chemical production all contribute to the development of the disease. While many people over the age of 65 have arthritic changes in their joints on imaging studies they are not always associated with pain and swelling of osteoarthritis.

Successful treatments and therapies will always include a combination of programs better tailor fit to the patient’s lifestyle, abilities, financial abilities and current health. Doctors will work with physical and occupational therapists to individualized programs that include rest, exercise, acceptable body weight, pain control and a healthy lifestyle.

Researchers have found that exercise is one of the best overall treatments for individuals who suffer from us to arthritis. Exercise will increase the patient’s overall feelings of wellness, release endorphins that naturally treat Paine, elevate the patient’s mood, increase flexibility and strength at the joints, help the individual to maintain an acceptable body weight and improve blood flow to the area.

Exercise with will also be rather inexpensive for patients and has very few negative effects when it’s done correctly. Patients are often offered the opportunity to choose an exercise program that fits with their lifestyle and desires. It should also depend upon the joints that are affected, they are weight-bearing ability, integration into their lifestyle and the time commitment that is necessary.

Treatment modalities for us to arthritis will also include scheduled rest times. Patients are educated to learn when to slow down and spend time with their feet up. Some individuals find biofeedback and stress reduction therapy to be helpful, not only to decrease the pain but also allowing them time to rest.

At times physical therapists and physicians will recommend supplanting of the joints and muscles, especially at night. This allows the joints to rest in a more normal position which will decrease the risk of joints stiffening into positions that will not move. These plans are used only for several hours while at rest or sleeping so the patient is able to move their joints to increase flexibility and work to increase strength in the muscles that support their joints.

Physicians will also work with individuals to provide them with nondrug treatments including moist heat over the affected joint. Most patients of pre-firm waste heat but some light cold packs. There are currently two lines of thought when using heat and cold. He will increase the blood flow to the area that theoretically would flush out the toxins and decrease the swelling. On the other hand, cold will decrease the swelling and the blood flow to the area, which also decreases the leakage of blood factor causing swelling and pain. Basically, the patient should choose which feels better to them, which they can tolerate and which gives them the best relief.

Essential in the treatment or individuals who suffer from us to arthritis is weight control. By decreasing the overall load on the joints during daily activities individuals can decrease the destruction, pain and swelling. Obesity will contribute to the development of cartilage damage and therefore, osteoarthritis.

At this time, the use of Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs continue to be recommended in the treatment of us your arthritis. These are medications that are used to help eliminate pain, increase function and decrease swelling. They can be over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, or prescribed by the physician. Patients usually start using over-the-counter medications first and may graduate to prescribe medication if the first one loses its effectiveness in the progression of the disease.

Corticosteroids are medications that can be added into the treatment protocol. These are often injected directly into the joint to give temporary pain relief and are never recommended for more than two or three times a year.

Some individuals report significant relief using acupuncture. Acupuncture and his old Chinese method of treatment in which find needles are inserted into the skin to stimulate nerve endings. Researchers believe there is a relief of pain relieving hormones in the body which accounts for the decrease in pain and improvement in comfort. Case studies have found that patients do find significant relief, although the exact cause of this improvement cannot be expressed.

As a last resort, doctors may recommend surgery to reduce the pain and disability allowing the patient to improve mobility, decrease pain and swelling and improve their lifestyle. Surgeons will either remove loose car legend through the joint services while repositioning the bones or may choose to do a total joint replacement.

Most individuals will also find relief using nutritional supplementation. Because the body breaks the cartilage down faster than it can be produced good nutrition and other supplements such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin have been found to give the body the extra supplementation it needs to continue to produce more cartilage. Medications come I heat, splinting an exercise will help to stop the pain but it up and give the body the tools it needs to rebuild cartilage and at least slow the process.

Research have not currently confirm these results by case studies have been found of people who take vitamin D, see coming he and beta-carotene will also find relief from the pain, swelling and progression. Since the body uses multiple vitamins and minerals to produce a single objective, namely cartilage, it only makes sense that by giving it all the products it needs for the manufacture of cartilage that these vitamins and minerals will help to decrease pain.

Treatment options for us to arthritis have given patient support, relief and hope. As research and therapies progress, patients will be able to obtain even more relief without the use of medications and surgery.

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