Staying Bone Fit After 40

Did you know that bone density decreases with age? As we age, our risk for bone diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis increases. Women are at greater risk if they lead a sedentary lifestyle. If you smoke, or drink excessive alcoholic or caffeinated beverages or have a mineral-poor diet you also increase your chances for a bone disease.

Certain medications such as those that are antacid with aluminum, anticonvulsants and also some cholesterol-lowering drugs can also weaken your bones.

Leading a healthy and active life is one way of insuring that you are bone-fit. When we have strong bones and muscles we can have an improved health overall.

Any exercise in which we are physically active is a good exercise for your bone health. There is scientific research that proves that athletes have a higher bone density than individuals who are not physically active. Although all exercises can help with bone strength, there are two exercises that are more important when you are specifically targeting bone health they are weight-bearing exercises and resistance exercises.

Weight-bearing exercises are all exercises in which you make your muscles work against the pull of gravity and that you bones handle your body weight. Weight-bearing exercises include jogging, walking, football, and also tennis.

Resistance exercises are done to improve muscle mass. When muscle mass is improved you also strengthen your bones. A good example of a resistance exercise is weight lifting. Resistance exercises are also healthy because they are good for your heart, lungs, and also for your improved blood circulation.

There are other ways to keep you bones strong besides exercising such as proper diet, and giving up harmful lifestyles such as smoking and drinking alcohol to excess.

Certain foods help to improve bone strength such as eating collard, kiwis, figs, grain and milk products and also kale. Drinking fortified with calcium orange juice is also good for your bones.

Staying bone fit may also involve knowing what your bone density is. Bone density tests are routinely recommended if you are a woman age 65 or older or if you are age 60 and at an increased risk for osteoporosis.

The bone density test uses a special x-ray to measure how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a particular bone segment being studied. The denser the bone the stronger it is. Your doctor can advice you on getting a bone density test.

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