Knee Arthritis and Joint Inflammation

How often have we seen seniors holding their knees with the obvious pain written all over their faces, suffering in agony and frustration! While it can be an injury or some other disease as well, it is probably knee arthritis that is creating the problem. And that is because knee arthritis is very common among all the sections of the population, but more so among the seniors.

Actually the probability of knee arthritis increases manifold after someone has crossed the age of 40. And a majority of people above the age of 70 suffer from knee arthritis anyway. Others who tend to get knee arthritis more are obese people. In them, the extra body fat puts an undue pressure on the bones including the knees and the results are obvious.

Arthritis is a painful condition that affects the joints of the body and causes them to swell – knees are among the first places the disease attacks.

There are various types of arthritis, and the one that affects the knee is known as osteoarthritis. The disease affects the cartilages that are present in the knee and over time they are slowly but steadily wears the bones, muscles and the tendons in the joints. When the cartilage, which is actually that distances two bones is destroyed, this causes friction between the bones and thus the swelling and the pain.

In some cases the pain and discomfort can be so acute that it can render the individual helpless and immobile. Knee arthritis has been known to make people bedridden for days.

The cartilage also distributes the load and minimizes the stresses. To remain healthy, the cartilage gets nutrition from the fluid that remains between the joints. And when the levels of this fluid too go down, the cartilage also loses out on its nutrition source, and this of course makes it weaker and thus easier to get destroyed.

It is almost impossible for the cartilage to repair itself and this does not do any good as well. So if someone suffers from knee arthritis, outside medical help becomes essential – help from within the body is almost non-existent.

This is a very interesting thing about knee arthritis. The main symptom of the disease is the pain in and around the knees, and the pain seems to vary quite a lot even in the same person. For example, in certain months it may seem that there is almost no pain. And in others, it can be really severe. But generally it has been seen that the pain intensifies in the winter.

The pain also changes with the shifts in the moon’s position. For example, in a full moon night the pain is usually the most. So for the doctor too it becomes difficult to understand the severity of the pain, because it seems to be constantly changing.

Treatments for knee arthritis include physical therapy; regular exercises; medicines to bring down the pain and swelling; walking aids; cortisone injections; weight loss programs; knee osteotomy and knee surgeries.

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