Identifying And Fighting Arthritis

Identifying And Fighting ArthritisNo single condition causes arthritis. Rather, it is a whole group of problems that cause inflammation and severe pain in the body’s joints.

The joints are the areas where bones meet and allow us to move around in so many different ways. When the joints are damaged it can cause us to become unstable, have a decreased range of movement, cause weakness and cause us to look deformed.

As we get older our joints degenerate without the help of a specific condition. If the body feels stiff and there is a lot of pain then there is a good chance that arthritis is involved.

Arthritis, as common as it is, can leave a person in a dire situation. It can become so serious that life will not be enjoyed as it once was. The most common tasks, such as, walking, eating, changing a light bulb or typing on a computer can become extremely difficult and painful. Not only are people above the age 60 prone to getting arthritis but infants can develop this disease. Nobody is immune to it.

Joints that are suffering from the effects of arthritis are likely to be inflammed, in pain and swollen. They can turn red and feel warm when touched. Arthritis does not always appear gradually. It can flare up suddenly with no warning whatsoever. Arthritis is often coupled with trouble sleeping, feeling tired all the time, depressed mood and aching muscles.

When you visit the doctor he will give you a thorough physical and might take X-rays and bloodwork to allow diagnosis of the exact type of arthritis that you are dealing with.

I will only go over the two most common forms of arthritis. Fact is, there are over a hundred medical conditions that can be classified as one type of arthritis or another.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a result of the body’s immune system working improperly. With this disease the joints become inflamed on the interior and the immune system fights it. As a result, the joints become broken down from their constant struggle against the immune system.

Osteoarthritis is the type of arthritis that is commonly experienced as we reach our golden years. It is caused by the gradual damage we cause to our bodies over time, just like wear and tear on a vehicle. The areas most commonly affected are the knees, hips and fingers.

Aside from what your doctor prescribes you a regimine of healthy food and herbs can make life much easier for you. Devil’s Claw is an herb that helps with the most common forms of arthritis. Alfalfa is great for helping to reduce the pain. An infused oil of cayenne is great for rubbing into the affected joints, to help stop the pain.

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