Help for a Degenerative Disc…

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Answer: from Joanna (Medical Nutritionist for Xtend-Life Natural Supplements)

Degenerative disc disease can have a few degrees of severity depending at what stage it is at.

A healthy disc has a great deal of water in the centre portion. The water content gives the nucleus a spongy quality and allows it to absorb spinal stress.

Loss of water content causes the discs to lose some of their ability to act as cushions. This can lead to stress and tears on the disc. As the nucleus loses its water content, it collapses. Without the cushion effect of the discs, the vertebrae in your spine would not be able to absorb stresses or provide the movement needed to bend and twist.

This results in a narrowing of the disc space between the two vertebrae. As this shift occurs, the facet joints (located at the back of the spine) are forced to shift. Shifting changes the way the facet joints work together and can cause problems as well.

First and foremost I would advise dietary changes. Lack of adequate fluid intake is a contributory factor, as the body has to purge fluids from other parts of the body, leading to reduced fluid between joints as well as other parts of the body, as noted above. Pure fluids include pure water/vegetable juices, etc.

Improved diet helps too of course.

One of the major reasons for degenerative back and neck disease is a diet high in refined carbohydrates. The high-carbohydrate diet can causes an increase in the blood insulin level, which triggers an increase in the catabolic hormones, causing the body to literally eat itself. Unfortunately, the spine is the first to suffer when the catabolic hormones scavenge protein from the spine for redirection to the legs and arms as needed. A catabolic metabolic state is brought on by hyperinsulinemia (high blood insulin level) after the excess consumption of carbohydrates in people with insulin resistance.

Prescription drugs cannot prevent bone loss in the presence of the powerful catabolic hormones produced by the body during hyperinsulinemia. Taking drugs that promise to prevent osteoporosis will not work.

To help with immediate problems I would suggest the following protocol:

Arthrit-Eze at up to 6 per day depending on severity of the problem. This will help with anti-inflammatory action, plus ingredients to help strengthen and rebuild cartilage, so this will be additionally beneficial. Boswellia and Turmeric are major ingredients to help with this process.

GLM-Omega 3 Plus at min 3 per day, up to 6 per day depending on severity, to help ease some of the pains and add to the anti-inflammatory effect, as well as providing the daily quota of omega 3 fish oils.

Bone-Protec for actual bone deterioration to help prevent further deterioration and help build bone back up. This may be used as a preventative anyway, but is an optional consideration depending on the actual state of spinal degeneration.

For optional additional help daily Total Balance Womens Plus may help further by providing essential nutrients, to add to an improved diet, plus to help improve the immune system, increase anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant action. These are recommended as a daily supplement at 6 per day.

Physiotherapy treatment is often recommended to help keep the joints mobile, again depending on severity.

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Originally posted 2008-01-10 12:28:04.

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