Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoarthritis

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Diagnosis and Treatment of OsteoarthritisOf the over 100 different types of arthritis, osteoarthritis is the most common site and elderly people. The disease is sometimes known as degenerative joint disease because of the damage to the cartilage in the joints which continues to degenerate causing pain, stiffness and swelling as bones scraped over bone.

Individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis often have limited movements and pain in the joints but there will be no redness, heat nor will the condition affects internal organs like other arthritic diseases do. Osteoarthritis is limited only to the joints and is most frequently the cause of disability in older adults.

Interestingly it affects more men before the age of 45 and more women over the age of 45. This disease will cause not only changes in the person’s ability to perform daily living activities or recreational activities but it will also affect their lifestyle and finances.

The joints that are most commonly affected for an individual who has off to arthritis are the knees, hips, hands and spine. Individuals may start to notice the difference in their comfort level as they rise to standing from a sitting position, especially in the morning while getting out of bed, after exercise or in the late evening.

Warning signs of off to arthritis include joints which crack, stiffness after getting up from its share or bed, pain, swelling and tenderness. However, it is important to remember that individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis will not have evidence of redness from the joints.

There is no one single test that will conclusively prove an individual has off to arthritis. Doctors will rely on several methods to identify the changes in the body and determine the correct course of treatments.

Using an in-depth clinical history to determine when the symptoms started, how they’ve been treated thus far and how those symptoms have affected the patient’s lifestyle the physician will then move forward into a physical examination and ordering blood tests and imaging studies.

Imaging studies most commonly used are x-rays common but they aren’t conclusive since most individuals over 65 have our steel arthritic changes in the joints which are evidence on x-ray but do not cause symptoms. Blood tests will be used to rule out other diseases that cause joint pain and swelling and joint aspiration may be performed to evaluate the fluid in the joints.

Women tend to suffer from once to arthritis in the hands at a greater rate than do men. There also appears to be a genetic factor as osteoarthritis seems to “run” in families. Using medications, splint thing and moist heat will often give patients with us to arthritis the most relief in their hands.

Off to arthritis in the knee is very common since the knees are the largest weight-bearing joints and are therefore most commonly affected. This type of arthritis is not symmetrical and can occur in one knee or the other but not usually both at the same time. The new you will become stiff, swollen and painful and the pain can lead to significant disability and disruption and lifestyle.

Following an accurate diagnosis the physician will often recommend therapies for us to arthritis in the need to include medications, necessary weight loss, walking aids and is in extreme cases joint replacement. Individuals who are overweight and obese have an increased rate of developing osteoarthritis. Physicians have found that by decreasing the weight load on the knees and chefs individuals are able to a fax the amount of pain and disability as a result of the disease.

Individuals who suffer from osteoarthritis in the hip may feel pain in the hip, knee is, groin, inner thigh or buttocks. When arthritis settles in the hip it also causes stiffness, pain and severe disability limiting movement and bending which makes dressing and caring for the fee or real challenge.

Individuals who suffer with off to arthritis in the hip also is respond well to medications, exercise, walking aids, weight loss and in severe cases, a joint replacement.

The last areas that is commonly affected by osteoarthritis is the spine. In this area the disease can cause numbness or weakness in the arms or legs because of the intrusion on the nerves. Individuals who sleep on a firm mattress or use back support when sitting in a chair often report good relief. Incorporating exercise into the routine to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles will help to give the individuals spine greater relief.

Osteoarthritis commonly affects for different areas of the body: knees, hips, hands and spine. With proper identification, diagnosis and aggressive treatment individuals suffering from once your arthritis can often delay the progression of the disease, decrease the pain and improve their ability to perform daily living activities as well as recreational activities.

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