Oh My Aching Back, Home Cures To Help

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Backaches are common problems that afflict millions of people around the world.  It sometimes is a symptom of other serious illnesses but usually caused by poor posture, strain, fatigue, or age.  Constipation, stomach ulcers, gallstones and high-healed shoes can cause a backache.  Pain occurs in the middle of the back and on either side of the spine.  A backache can be miserable and affect your quality of life.

Avoid straining the back by practicing proper posture.  Do not slouch in your office chair and walk standing up straight.  Wear low-heeled shoes if you plan on being on your feet for a longtime.  If you smoke, stop smoking, this is said to reduce pain.

Again, our old friend the garlic clove can be used to relieve pain.  Rub garlic oil on your back or, have two or three garlic cloves every morning.  Garlic is a common ingredient found in many home remedies and is handy to keep in your home.  Massage the back with mustard or eucalyptus oil is helpful in reducing back pain.

If your back hurts there are common sense methods for treating the pain.  Massage your back with or without essential oils.  Take a warm bath, or shower with a pulsating showerhead focused on your back.  A warm bath with soothing aromatic oils will help you relax and relieve strain on your back muscles.

A heating pad applied to the back will help reduce strain.  You can make a heating pad by placing buckwheat or uncooked long grain rice in a cloth bag and warm it in the microwave.  Keep your back loosened by swimming laps daily, doing mild stretching exercises and rocking the pelvis from side to side and front to back.  These simple exercises may help reduce back pain.

Home cures that are swallowed may help ease the backache problem.  Consuming a portion of fish oil daily is said to help with backache pain.  A mixture of cloves, dry ginger powder and black peppercorns mixed in tea and drank twice a day will help with backaches.  Another good home cure is a small amount of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey taken twice daily.  Fresh yarrow juice may be drunk during the day to ease pain.

Be sure you are sleeping on a good, firm mattress.  If you are waking up with a backache, try sleeping on a firmer mattress, reducing or adding pillows, and sleeping in a different position.  Try a relaxing bath, meditation, or quietly reading to relax muscles before you retire.  Drink a glass of warm milk, decaffeinated tea, a cup of warm water, this will help your body relax and allow sounder sleep.

Try using a mixture of sweet soda, powdered sonth, mixing with hot water or warm milk and drinking this mixture twice every day.  If your backache is caused by an injury, or is not relieved and becomes chronic, see your doctor.  A backache can be a symptom of a more serious illness.

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3 Responses to “Oh My Aching Back, Home Cures To Help”

  1. [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptRealHeal Massage Oil may also be used along with our natural RealHeal Tablets to assist the healing process internally and externally. Use RealHeal Massage Oil to soothe and relieve pain and promote faster healing after surgery … [...]

  2. I have a tip that may help people who have experienced chronic back pain. I bi-laterally ruptured two discs in my lower back a few years ago. I was told by 2 neuro- surgeons that I needed surgery and would never walk right again. The third one, luckily, said he would operate as a last measure and directed me to walk as much as I could tolerate everyday. It took a while to get better but today I am walking just fine!

    I still occasionally have back pain but I found a chiropractor who showed me how to alleviate my own pain immediately. His technique never treats the site of pain but rather the protective neurological mechanisms behind the pain. When you are first injured, there are nerve circuits which go into action to protect you…when those guarding mechanisms stay in the “on” position, you feel pain. He likens it to a fuse that blows in your home and short circuits the electricity. Once the fuse is treated things run like they should again.

    So one of the keys is to treat the mirror image of the pain you are experiencing. If you had low back pain, you would find the spot that is the most sore probably somewhere below your belly button. Then massage to your level of pain tolerance for 1-2 minutes. You should experience immediate pain relief.

    If you want more information/research, you might want to check out the study by Dr. Gary J. Bennett, a McGill university pain specialist, whose research provides the “first conclusive proof” that trauma on one side of the body can cause opposite-side nerve damage.

    I hope this helps someone.

  3. “Do not slouch in your office chair and walk standing up straight.”

    Thank you for reminding me. So many problems can be avoided by such simple practices.

    Thank you for the excellent information.

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