Industry pressure waters down Breast Feeding Adverts!!

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These were the headlines in a recent MSNBC article which outlines how the US Federal Health and Human Services Department were apparently ‘influenced’ to tone down a series of adverts they had planned to run advocating the benefits of breast feeding newborns.

The adverts were designed to be hard hitting and help make Mothers understand the importance of breast feeding their child. Over recent years there has been a decline in the number of Mothers breast feeding in favor of using infant formulas. It was the lobbyists for the formula industry that put pressure on to change the ads from dramatic awakening calls to action to the ‘warm and fuzzy’ adverts which are unlikely to have the desired impact.

At the end of the day it is of course an individual choice as to whether a Mother breast feeds of not, but I wonder if those women who choose to use an infant formula would still do so if they knew what a disservice they are giving their child. Only education to new Mothers will prompt them to carefully think about their options and hopefully put the welfare of their child first.

The evidence is overwhelming…there is no substitute for Mothers milk when it comes to giving baby a good start in life. Mothers also have a responsibility to ensure that they themselves are in the best possible health before they become pregnant, and that they maintain their health during pregnancy and whilst lactating.

This means taking a quality pre-natal multi, extra folic acid and quality Omega 3 fish oil, which is high in DNA. That is what the baby needs for their brain development. We can help with the Omega 3 but we don’t as yet produce a pre-natal supplement. If you are pregnant or lactating have your Doctor recommend a good supplement and when you are finished breast feeding then switch to Total Balance.

It is sad to see once again vested interests putting money first before the health and welfare of the population. To read the article on MSNBC please click here:

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Originally posted 2007-09-13 12:41:10.

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